Another is where the advertising would be

Another service offered by the advertising agency is the public relations. Public relations would help the company to build more awareness to the public and the positive effects of the business which is the key to a more successful and fast growing business. Public Relations’ used through social networking; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many other famous networking sites which are very popular and used by nearly all age groups. Nowadays, people also use the internet for entertainment, work and also to revise, which would mean that putting up advertisements around the internet would be a good boost for the company.

Advertising production would be another service that is provided by the advertising agency for businesses like Nike. This is where the advertising would be produced by either radio, or TV which are more expensive types of advertising than printing out on a newspaper or just using posters or leaflets. At this point, the agency would be working together with Nike in order for the agency to ensure that their client is happy with their agency’s ideas on the advert. Once the company has agreed on the concept of the idea.

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