Another important aspect of HRM

Another important aspect of HRM is to make sure that an organisation is following the policies and procedures. HRM in Shangri-La’s Hotel makes sure that the organisation adapts to a broader view towards corporate social responsibility by making contribution towards the community.

HRM provides support in the development and implementation of CSR strategy. They make sure that people management practices are ethical. As the hotel has collaborated with a deaf society since 2010 where they develop the life skills and children’s education. As part of their CSR policy a group of 10-12 students are trained different hospitality skills by several departments such as concierge, laundry, housekeeping etc. The batch lasts for 2-3 months usually. CSR is everybody’s business in today’s world.

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Other HRM initiatives in the hotel include tree plantation, earth day and also a continuous support towards the cancer support walk, donating books and clothes to non-profit organisations, taking measures in order to be an eco-friendly hotel. By adopting to a broader view of CSR they are creating a positive impact among the stakeholders, community, investors, employees, guests etc.


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