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Another similarity was pointed out byGena Corea between surrogacy and prostitution. She argues that the surrogatessell the use of her body parts such as eggs, ovaries and wombs which can becompared to how the prostitutes sell the use of her vagina, rectum or mouths.Sheenvisions a situation where some of the females are kept with one another as aclass of breeders, just as prostitutes are kept together in brothels. FactualDifferences between Prostitution and Surrogacy.

 The potential harms of prostitution aremuch more than that of the harms of the surrogacy. First, an agency is approachedby the female who expresses her interest in becoming a surrogate are notgenerally solicited in face to face transaction. Furthermore, the need ofintercourse is not present with a man in order to carry out their agreement. Itis possible that there is an involvement of only two women and the transactionis not one that only involves one man and one woman. Moreover, there are noincidents reported of women being abducted or enticed to work as surrogates. Asurrogacy arrangement is performed as much for a man as for a woman even if ina partial surrogacy the name of the woman recipient may be absent from thecontract. Certain key differences for the betterconceptualization of the difference between prostitution and surrogacy arementioned below: – 1.

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      Delinquentand Indictable NatureThemost prominent difference between surrogacy and prostitution is that the lattercan be said as the sale of sexual services which is chargeable is held to beunethical, soliciting and immoral and offering it is legally prohibited in manyareas around the world, for instance, in India it is a punishable offence underthe Indian Penal Code as well as under the Suppression of Immoral Traffic inWomen and Girls Act. On the other hand, surrogacy can be defined as an act of substitutionof gestation and consequent child bearing without any sexual intercourseinvolving the surrogate, is neither held as a fraudulent act nor a feloniousoffence.


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