Annie thinking about her life and about how

Annie John is now seventeen and is going to head to England to study nursing. She wakes on the morning that she will leave knowing that later in the day she shall take a boat to Barbados and then to England. Annie looks over everything in her house thinking about her life and about how either her mother or father made everything that is in it. In one way this familiarity makes Annie feel nostalgic, but in another way it makes her realize that she has to go elsewhere to develop her own self.
Annie hears the local church bell ring, which means that it is seven in the morning, when her father usually rises and goes to work. Annie rises and dresses in clothes and jewelry specifically touched by the obeah woman. She then eats a larger Sunday style breakfast with her parents. They act both cheery and sad and Annie acts the same way, even though she feels relief that she is going. Her mother suggests that Annie might get married after leaving and Annie bluntly dismisses the idea. After breakfast, Annie decides that she should say good-bye to Gwen, even though she no longer deeply cares for her. Gwen tells Annie that she is going to marry a local boy, Nevis, in the fall. Annie wishes her luck, but thinks in her head that Gwen has become absorbed by utter silliness.
Annie later walks through town with her parents as they make their way to the ship that will take her away. Her mind swirls with memories as she passes the institutions of her youth: her school, her church, and the seamstress where she apprenticed. Annie remembers the first time her mother sent her on an errand, to get dried herbs from the store, and how her mother wept with pleasure when Annie returned successfully.


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