Analyze the requirements of legislation, codes of

Analyze the principles, scope and purpose of professional supervisionProfessional supervision is where responsibility is given to the worker by an organization to perform work with other workers to meet specific organizational, professional and personal objectives. Supervision principle provides the supervisor and the supervisee the opportunity to discuss the roles and responsibilities in a safe and planned environment. For example,If an individual decides to do supervision, it is necessary to be aware of certain expectations from each other during supervision (Chiller, & Crisp, 2012).Supervision purpose is to allow employers and the workers to have a meeting one on one to reflect and evaluate their work practice. During supervision, it is significant to discuss individual’s workload, skills necessary and the needs for training. Additionally, it is also essential to consider competence.

This provides an opportunity to address individuals’ issues that may arise from other workers, service users. It also gives a plat of how the project is running and how new suggestions may be initiated. The scope entails ways in which professional supervision can be achieved (Chiller, & Crisp, 2012).Outline theories and models of professional supervision Models and Theories of supervision include; integrated model, developmental and Orientation-specific model (Halse, &Malfroy, 2010).Explain how the requirements of legislation, codes of practice and agreed ways of working influence professional supervision This ensures support of staff and following of codes of practice. For example, Health and Social Care Act 2008 in England assured the meeting of the essential standard of quality and safety.

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Also, it ensures that the roles of the staff are supported in providing treatment and care with the help of supervision (Englander, & Carraccio, 2014).Explain how findings from research, critical reviews and inquiries can be used within professional supervisionSupervision delivers opportunities to reflect on the thing that are working and those that are not working. This ensures that services provided are of high quality and identify unacceptable behavior for example by encouraging staff to watch panorama episodes (Englander, & Carraccio, 2014).Explain how professional supervision can protect the:Individual. It keeps individual at the center of their package. A chance to ensure discussion of needs, ambitions, and preferences Supervisor.

The record will be provided to display support for a person and taken actions to deliver training knowledge and resources to deliver this support. Supervisee. This is to ensure that concerns are confidential by providing that they know the development of their best practice and performance.Explain the performance management cycleThis process brings many elements together that make a practice of people management successful including learning and development in particular. This ensures the achievement of the performance of an organization at a high level. It involves rewarding, developing and planning (Aguinis, 2009).

Analyze how professional supervision supports performanceIt ensures that professional standards are maintained and that procedures and policies of an organization adhere. The needs are also embraced by staff support, and it’s supported by learning from reflective practice and experience.Analyze how performance indicators can be used to measure practiceThe performance indicator is a measurement of performance. Many organization use this to assess success or activities achievement in which it is affianced. Since accomplishment sometimes is demarcated in making improvement terms towards deliberate goals.

Choosing the correct indicator depends on vast understanding on what is essential to the organization(Aguinis, 2009).Explain factors which result in a power imbalance in professional supervisionPower imbalance refers to a state where one worker in a correlation possess comparatively excess power in excess of the others. Power is a social structure according to power-dependence theory. Imbalance in power is a significant factor for subordinate-supervisor relationships (Davys, ;Beddoe, 2010). Power is an important contextual consideration due to the assumption by researchers that supervisor subordinate relationships are maintained by both sides. However, it is it’s obvious that the supervisors hold much power.

Explain how to address power imbalance in your own supervision practiceMost staff are aware of the need to supervision in a clear management. Meeting staff at their level is a wise option as it cancels out a high ranking staff member portraying a power imbalance situation that may lead to disrespect from the staff (Davys, &Beddoe, 2010). Supervision should be seen as a managing function process anticipated to promote the institutional goals and achievement and to promote capabilities of staffs professionally and personally.


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