ANALYSIS 285% between the years 2014-2015. The


On the basis of various facts which we got during our study,
we examined the terror attacks which took place before and after the Europe’s
immigration crisis. By understanding the perpetrators behind the terror
attacks, it would be easier to analyze that whether there is any relationship
between these terror attacks and the immigrants.

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The large number of refugees who have travelled to Europe has
been looked upon by terror group Islamic State as the potential members of the
group. The terror group has been focusing on trying to radicalize these
refugees in order to carry out attacks across Europe. As mentioned in the
Europol report, the group has also been trying to send foreign fighters through
the same migrant routes, which migrants use to travel to Europe. These migrant
routes have made it easier for travelers from countries like Iraq and Syria who
have relationship with terror groups like Islamic state to easily pass through
borders and cause destruction in Europe.

Though there has been a possibility that these routes can be
used by terrorists as a mode to enter Europe, there has been no evidence as
such that these routes are being used currently by the terrorists to enter
Europe. However, there have been reports by Europol and other security agencies
in Europe which states that there are number of militants who have travelled to
Europe through the refugee routes.

The Central Intelligence Agency of US has stated in a report
that Islamic State could potentially hide their operatives among the refugee population
travelling from Middle East and Africa. By analyzing the attackers of terror
attacks in Europe we could possibly understand whether these attacks were
carried out by foreign fighters or by refugees.



 The number of terror
attacks in Germany has increased by more than 285% between the years 2014-2015.
The number of attacks                  witnessed
in the year 2014 was 13 whereas this figure rose to 50 in year 2015.



After the Europe Immigration crisis the first attack was
carried out by a 17-year old Afghan Refugee, Riaz Ahmadzai on 18th July,
2016 by an axe on a train travelling in Wurzburg which wounded 5 people
and scared many people. The boy was killed by the police after the attack.
Ahmadzai arrived in Germany in June, 2015 as a refugee. There was no evidence
that the boy was linked to any of the terrorist groups but after the attacks, a
video was released by Islamic State, in which the boy can be seen taking
revenge of the people in Muslim countries and describing how he would carry out
attacks in Germany. Germany’s authorities believe the boy carried out attacks because
of self-radicalization. This attack was the first attack which was carried out
by any refugee in Germany and the government faced a lot of critics from the
people or parties who were against refugee’s migration.

In July, 2016 an attack was carried
out by Mohammed Daleel, a 27 year old from who was denied asylum in Europe
detonated a bomb outside a music festival in Bavarian city. The police
officials found a video on his phone in which he pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr
al-Baghdadi, Islamic State leader.

The 2016 Berlin Christmas Market
attack was carried out when a24-year old person Anis Amri who was denied asylum
in Germany, plowed through crowd by a truck killing 12 people and injuring 48
others. Following the terror attack, a video was found showing Anis Amri taking
pledge for allegiance to the IS.


Before 2015, there
were13 attacks were carried out between 2013 and 2014. The number of attacks
spiked between 2014 and 2015.The following graph shows the number of attacks
between 2013 and 2015.


France was the most
affected country in regards to terror attacks in European Union in year 2015.
The number of terror attacks rose from rose from 14 in 2014 to 36 in 2015. The
number of people who died from the terror attacks were 148 which was an
unprecedented number when compared to the previous years.


There has been no
terror attack carried by asylum seeker or refugee post European Immigration Crisis.
The terror attacks carried out were by nationals who attempted or tried to
visit Syria.



Unlike Germany and
France, there have not been many terror attacks on Belgium over the years. The following
graph represents attacks which took place between 2013 and 2015.

Belgium, despite very few terror attacks, has
been increasingly affected by number of terror threats.


Following the European Immigration Crisis, there has been no
terror attack carried out by asylum seekers or refugees rather the country has
been affected by foreign fighters.



The rise in number of terror attacks in Europe has led to increased
tension among some people who have raised concerns about immigration reforms
and stricter policies. The above research shows that these concerns are exaggerated..
The threat as perceived by the masses doesn’t match to the reality. Post the
European Immigration Crisis of 2015, only Germany was affected by terror

Germany has had two other terror attacks which were carried
out by failed asylum seekers. While vast majority of the attacks in Europe were
not carried out by immigrants, still immigration policies have been reformed.
Broad surveillance policies have been enacted. After analyzing the project, there
has been not a clear link which could be established between Terrorism and
European Migration Crisis of 2015. Out of all the three countries, which were evaluated,
only one refugee carried out a terror attack. With the increase in the number
of terror attacks, the far-right sentiments have increased in each of the
countries. As a result of these conditions, policies reforms in Europe have
limited the rights.



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