Analysis on. Some of these can be solved

Analysis and evaluation of the issues/problems
From the article, there are five issues or problems that are stated due to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from China and the Netherlands. The issues are diagnosis age, gender, comorbidity. There are some differences between the countries about ASD children that is from China (eastern country) and the Netherlands (western country). It is stated that the problem may be associated and need to be analyze with the treatment of a relevant organization such as hospitals, schools and so on. Some of these can be solved in some way based on what I have learned in the subject of organizational behavior.

Diagnosis age is the age for the ASD need to diagnosed. In the article, the higher age of diagnosis of ASD in the Dutch sample compared to the Chinese sample may be due to several factors. Before that, the recruitment between that countries are differences which is in China they occurred through clinics for children while in the Holland participants were recruited through an online open survey, also suitable for older participants. In such a situation, although China has many established hospitals that are stated in that article, they also need to increase the expertise where ASD can be diagnosed. Based on my study, for the private hospitals maybe they can use the differentiation strategy emphasizes product innovation which is when the expertise of ASD increase in some hospitals, parents will seek them to diagnosis their children who effected ASD.
 Zhou et al. (2014) has reported that “The total number of hospitals where the children received their diagnoses of ASD or ‘autistic tendencies’ increased steadily over time, from just a few hospitals in the early 1990s to 267 hospitals in 2012”. However, for Dutch data were collected through an open online database, allowing participants to respond that were not necessarily under treatment or assessments in clinics. In solving this problem, they maybe can use the same way as China which occurred direct through clinics in their country and behavior of individuals that makes a positive overall contribution to some of organization.

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Moreover, another issues or problems that happen in this case is gender. Based on the case for both countries, males are higher than females that affect with ASD. In China, the gender difference (6.92:1) found in Zhou et al. (2014) study was based on data collected from 1993 to 2012, and the study was directed during 2013 to 2014, so the decreasing male to female ratio (4.7:1) found in Chinese sample could be explained that girls got more attention and more easily diagnosed now than the last decade in China. Before this, China was prioritized boys compared to girls ( HYPERLINK “” l “bib0070” Huang, Jia, & Wheeler, 2013) due to the Family Planning Policy. Maybe from that study, China just did the survey of ASD diagnosis through boys only either in hospitals, schools or others. So, they need to standardize or stabilize the numbers of patients that need to be recorded.

Then, continue to the next issue is with comorbidity acceptance and categorization of both countries against ASD is similar to (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) ADHD or (intellectual disability) ID to be diagnosed. Children with both ASD and ID were diagnosed with ASD at a younger age compared to those who have ASD only ( HYPERLINK “” l “bib0035” Daniels & Mandell, 2014). This is pertinent in light of the fact that distinctive societies have diverse discernments on ASD.
In China, they considered that ASD is regarded a mental disability. So, it would be easier for Chinese parents to accept that children have ADHD when children have ADHD and ASD because mental disabilities are still discriminatory and parents generally believe that ADHD is not mentally handicapped but rather behavioral problems behavior. Then, the ASD kids without ID in the Netherlands could have expanded the normal determination age. The expertise need to approach the kids to make decision to determine whether they effect with ASD only, ASD with ADHD or ASD with ID base on rational approach and behavioral approach.


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