Anaerobic spinach was used at lab level

Anaerobic digestion in a bio-digester is a way to utilize organic waste efficiently, and produces methane (a combustible gas). In India, methane generating units as well as plants using cow manure and municipal waste has been in operation presently. However, vegetable or fruit waste not only makes anaerobic digestion desirable but makes it cost efficient, reduces greenhouse gas emissions at landfills, utilizes existing infrastructure for food waste diversion and meets local as well as state waste utilization. In the present investigation, spinach was used at lab level with the objective to study its potential for biogas production. The spinach was filled in glass digesters in the ratio of 4:1 with cow dung and cow dung slurry.

The spinach with water in the same ratio was taken as control. The biogas production in the digesters was measured by water displacement method for 75 days. It was found that the biogas production was 20.90 l/kg in control, 20.71 l/kg with cow dung and 17.87 l/kg with cow dung slurry which shows its potential as a new substrate for biogas production.

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