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An Overall the Department of Education in England have an accountability for safeguarding and children’s protection. They provide local associations and establishments with legislative and non-legislative direction. These guidelines and framework used to create policies in each child care settings. Each setting needs to have their own safeguard policy to cover the child protection in addition to the local legislation act and policies. The policies enforced the settings to promote child’s rights, encourage children to develop their confidence in every aspect.
Child Protection
The child protection policy states that any candidate who work in the childcare setting are to be received the verification from Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) to ensure that no one is inappropriate to work in the child care setting. This policy affects for new employees who wish to start the work in the settings. They need to receive the clearance from the CRB before they begin to start work in the place. If the letter could not be able to provide by the employee he or she will not be able to work in the settings as long as they provide the CRB clearance. This will help to minimize the child abuse, harm or any other criminal activity.
Staff employment policy in line with NVQ/CYWP qualification
As per the employment policy and guideline staff members need to be qualified with minimum a Level 3 NVQ/CYWP even though they have one child in the room under their supervision. If this requirement has been not fulfilled by the management of the setting it considered that they have disobey to the law. Hence it is a must to carry at least Level 3 NVQ/CYWP qualification in order to work in the setting. Therefore volunteers and staff members who have not achieved this level will not work unsupervised. Each settings will have visitor procedures for recording and of the details of visitors to the setting and security steps to ensure that staff have fully control over visitors who visit the setting.
Health and Safety
The health and safety policy and procedures stressed out to provide healthy environment for children. It is important and must to carry out risk assessments of every room on a daily basis. This will ensure it’s safe, and that any equipment and materials are also safe to use. It covers security measures are in place, the environment is free of any hazards and room temperature is suitable. Normally one of the staff members to at the door to hold the door until every child has gone through it. Plug sockets not in use are need to be protected by a childproof safety cover.
The policy encourages the adult staff present with the children at all times and within ratio numbers. Same time staff should promote good health and safety rules to the children such as “using walking feet” on the corridors.
Maintain the Accident record log and how to report an accident also helps to understand the situation and shows the visibility of the incident. It should be dully recorded with full name of child, incident time and date, situation and any injury and the treatment. Moreover it needs to be mentioned that who has deal with the accident and witnesses. These information need to be provide when parents come to collect the child.
Medication book needs to be completed on arrival by the parent and should be signed by them to give the consent. It need to have prescribed medicine and doctor, time and date, what type of medicine and how much should be given. The medicine should be given by the under the staff administrating whi has fully aware of the medication. To promote good hygiene practice with any bodily fluids is carried out at all times it is a much to wear an aprons and gloves and use of nappy bags to dispose of waste or fluids.


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