An snobbery. Many more values are added

An inspector calls is a play written by yhte author J.B. Priestley. The play is set in the industrial city of Brumlay in the North Midlands, in the year ò 1912This means he can additionally take advantage of society’s regimes and the tension portrayed as he writes the play in 1945. An Inspector Calls’ is set in 1912 at a time when society was strongly capitalist, and class, exceedingly, divided the world. It was written in 1945 at the end of the unspeakable Second World War.

As the play is written at this time it allows Priestley to take advantage of creating tension by questioning conservative policies and class distinction. Between these dates Britain was involved in two world wars, which caused major upheaval in the world.Priestley had seen the unpleasant tragedies and was overwhelmed and concerned that the lesson of the war remained unlearned: and did not lead to improvement of the lives of ordinary people, but yet to another war. Due to the fact that Priestley was a socialist, he felt that society should be equal and class barriers should be broken.

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Priestley creates vivid tension with the use of setting and props, the Inspector, Society’s double standards, speech and dramatic irony. However another way Priestley endures tension is by playing around with a challenging genre. Firstly in the setting of Act One, wealth is immediately established into the atmosphere of tension in society, indicating that the characters are wealthy by living in a ‘large suburban house’. To the audience this could show an instant sign of snobbery.

Many more values are added to show wealth and symbolism of the characters. Part of the stage direction and props is the ‘cigar box’. It states symbolism of power establishing Mr Birling as an authority figure, which sets up tension when the Inspector interrogates him.


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