An typical for the upbringing of the adolescents.

An iceberg architecture can be relatively compared to the family systems. As what the iceberg framework conveys, the small portion known as the “tip of the iceberg” which is visible above the surface is somewhat similar to the family structure.

As Wei (2015) stated, “Family structure, like the term implies, refers to how everything is “set up” – whether one or two parent(s) run the home, or the number of children and other family members living in it.” Normally, people think that if a certain family does not have a father or mother or even both parents, they usually consider that family as a “broken” home. This family set up is what is being portrayed just like in the iceberg metaphor.

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On the other hand, the large portion beneath the surface which is unnoticeable depicts the family function which “refers to how everything works.” (Wei, 2015) Generally, two-parent homes are believed to be typical for the upbringing of the adolescents. While a single parent would indubitably strive more greatly with time and financial challenges than a family with both parents contributing their income together. Wei (2015) described that a child has an emotional necessity too:A recent study suggests that the happiness of a child is in fact, not contingent on an intact family structure; the researchers found that in a population of nearly 13,000 children, children from single-parent homes were no less happy than their counterparts from two-parent families. (para. 6)The findings of the study indicated that the conceptuality of a “broken” home can be about the structured intactness yet intellectual and emotional fragmentation of a family. If that is the case, the family’s composition would be less significant to the adolescents’ psychological well-being than the quality of relationships within the home, albeit the parent-child kinship are compromised in quantity.

Adolescents who have an affectionate relationship even if with just one parent are likely to have better satisfaction and pleasure than those who are not having that kind of relationship. Significantly, not all families with separated parents are considered “broken”, and opposingly can be filled with love and warmth. Correspondingly, one researcher emphasized that “structurally impeccable families do not unfailingly entail healthy functioning.” (Wei, 2015) What forms a damaged family or a “broken” home goes underneath the surface, and takes place at the bottom, unseen part of the iceberg.


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