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An emergency is defined as an unpredicted, serious, and often found to be dangerous situations that needed immediate treatment. These situations are a mostly physical injury that can be classified as wounds, broken bones or internal organ damage which can be the effect of firearm injuries, poisoning, drowning, burns, intentional self-harm (suicide), assault, falling objects as well as man-made and natural disasters. These types of emergency could lead to death if the proper treatment is not provided.

Emergency Hospitals have an expertise in this type of situations. They have the necessary equipment, specialized resources, and emergency doctors to care for the severely injured patients. This type of hospital will be responsible for the medical and surgical care of the arriving patients that need immediate care.

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The Malolos Emergency Hospital will be considered as a specialty hospital. All forms of emergency can be handled by this facility. It will have areas that are grouped according to five zones.

The Outer Zone are areas that are immediately accessible to the public which is the emergency and administrative service. The Second Zone is for the areas that will receive the workload from the outer zone which are the laboratory, pharmacy, and radiology. The Inner Zone is also known to be the nursing service which provides care and management to the patients.

There is also the Deep Zone. It is an area where it should not be contaminated by bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. The services that are performed in this zone are surgical, delivery, nursery and intensive care. The last one would be the Service Zone which is the area where the utilities are located. It gives support to the hospital activities. The services included here are the dietary, housekeeping, maintenance, and motor pool as well as the mortuary.
Malolos City is considered to be first-class component city and the capital of the Bulacan Province. It is also a city with a significant role in the Philippine history because it is where the Malolos Congress was held and the First Philippine Republic was established. Malolos City is also a progressive urbanized area. It, therefore, leads to the increase of the city’s population.

Healthcare in the city should be improved so that it can properly accommodate the people’s health. In terms of health, the city government currently promote preventive health care where they give services through its six (6) rural health units (RHU) and thirty-eight (38) barangay health stations (BHS). Each rural health unit has corresponding barangays being served.


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