An efforts been introduced in order to reduce the

An accident is defined as an undesired event that results in personal
injury or property damage. In large organizations, the safety officer is the
one in charge and responsible for accident reporting and investigation. But for
a small enterprise, may be the operational or human resource manager take up
the responsible for accident reporting and investigation. Employers need to
know how to reduce the number of accidents and make the workplace safer for
their employees or workers.

At my workplace, tremendous efforts been introduced in order to reduce the number
of accidents. The most important is to identify and reduce the unsafe
conditions at the workplace. The setup of safety steering committee is to aim
to monitor all the unsafe conditions at the workplace and reporting to the
relevant parties for action taken. This committee is given the responsibility
to oversee all the accidents reporting and investigation before identify all
the preventive measures. This committee will make sure the relevant safety
officer to carry out HIRADC at the workplace. HIRADC means Hazard
Identification, Risk Assessment & Determining Control.

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By identify hazards at workplace it will help us to reduce the unsafe
conditions. For example, multiple sockets attach to the same power point in the
work station can cause overloading and electric shock if short circuit current
flowing in the power circuit. This situation will cause an unsafe condition and
need an immediate action to rectify it. By identifying all the hazards and
doing risk assessment & determining control, we are able to eliminate most
of the unsafe conditions. Reduce unsafe condition can be done by job rotation.
With this job rotation, new employees will become more alert to the working
environment and also to reduce the long term exposure to the hazards. In
addition to that, organization must provide personal protective equipment to
the workers as a reliable protection against the operating machine or dangerous working
environment. Basic personal protective equipment such as safety gloves, safety
shoes and safety vests should be provided to the workers during any outdoor

Reduce unsafe condition alone is not complete without the efforts in
reducing unsafe acts which caused by the human misbehavior. Introducing Lost
Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) as a KPI or loss control goals to the department.
This KPI will measure the number of accidents occurred at the workplace with
medical leave. Therefore, all the employees must be aware of all the unsafe
acts and avoid it to prevent any accidents from occurring. Reducing unsafe acts
can be done through safety training among the employees especially for new
employees they have little knowledge in safety. By having safety training, all
the employees must have the skills and knowledge required to reduce accidents
at the workplace.  Reducing unsafe acts through
posters and incentives. This can be seen in most of the office whereby posters
at the surroundings are always remind us that how important if unsafe acts can
be reduced at the workplace. Certain incentives also can be implemented by the
employer such as zero accidents incentives been given to those never involve
any accidents at the workplace.

Reducing unsafe acts by cultivating a culture of safety. A safety oriented
culture such as Life Saving Rules campaign which can exhibit and encourage
communication among the employees on safety matters. A continuous effort can be
seen towards safety problem identification and solutions. This culture will
encourage incident reporting so that all the unsafe conditions can be resolved
immediately without any delay. Reducing unsafe acts by establishing a safety
policy. This is another good measure can be provided by the employers to the
employees in which management emphasize that most of the accidents can be
prevented with proper working safety procedures under the safety policy.

Reducing unsafe acts can be done through safety awareness program whereby
employees are putting efforts to develop their safe behavior all the times
without any compromise with the unsafe acts. This program is very important to
the new employees that they just join the workforce. They have a lot to learn
and differentiate between unsafe acts and safe behavior at the new working
environment. Last but not least, conducting safety and health audits are
crucial to any organizations. Audits aim to highlight all the noncompliance to
safety rules and regulations which can cause unsafe acts among the employees.
With this audit findings, employees will be more conscious about safety and
putting safety always on the top of other working procedures before losing a
life or damage the property.


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