Among be put away in the cloud and

Among the various stages of project, the part which converts the theoretical design into a working system is known as Implementation, thus making it one of the critical phase for developing a successful system.

In Implementation phase we carefully plan as well as probe the existing system keeping in mind the constraints of the implementation.

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Main Modules:-

1. Client Module:
In this module, the server receives a query sent from the client. Depending upon the query, the client is served the required files by the server. Before the server serves the request, authorization of client takes place. The server matches the client credentials for security. Only if it matches with the database the request is serviced and the corresponding file is served. If by any means, unauthorized user is detected redirection to the dummy file takes place.

2. System Module:

The above figure illustrates the network architecture of the cloud data .
Figure 1. Three different network entities can be identified as follows:
• User:
Clients, who have information to be put away in the cloud and depend on the cloud for information calculation, comprise of both individual customers and associations.
• Cloud Service Provider (CSP):
A CSP, is a person who has substantial assets and skills in structuring and supervising dispersed cloud storage hosts, possesses and controls live Cloud Computing systems,.


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