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Among the causes of plagiarism include the fingertip technology that contributes to the laziness of a plagiarist to generate their own academic writing ideas, and decide on searching the internet, copying and pasting them in their works without mentioning them in the form of end note, foot note , nor standard references. Additionally, lazy students and doing the work at the end will often act to plagiarism.

They will only focus on ‘getting ready’ to deliver on-time assignments without any preparations in the previous days. The easiest way for them is to plagiarize. In many cases they do not understand well the article enough to put into their owns words. Even though they could understand the article but they still unable to tackle the reading at 3am, having not slept the night before and might skip to eat and others activities.But there is some students who steal words completely unintentionally because they are reading and writing their paper at the same time. This would lead to confusion when they go to edit and they had difficulties to tell what they wrote and what came from somewhere else.

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Studies had been made the cause that influence them to plagiarize . As example , the frequency of plagiarism will be use within six months as following the count of academic procrastination that research by the panel study of students in German Studies . Pamela Samuelson identify the reason of plagiarism in 1994 of one’s published work before that make it not self-plagiarism . Initially , the previous work state the lay in groundwork to new contribution with the second work . Next , portion of work before had repeated to deal with new arguements and proof .

Besides that ,the audience by its work are different from publish with similar work at different places to gain the messages out . Last but not least, the author thinks they said it so well the first time that it makes no sense to say it differently a second time.


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