Amon high golden feathers. Montou is the god

Amon is first the god of the air, then he became the god of the sun. Presented in the form of a man with a crown and two high golden feathers on it, sometimes he could appear as a man with a ram’s head.

Anubis is the patron of the world of the dead. It was portrayed as a man with a black jackal head. Sometimes he could appear completely in the form of an animal, namely a black dog.Apophis – the god of darkness and darkness, the eternal enemy of the sun god. Inhabits the ground. It was portrayed as a huge snake. With him every night Ra fought.Ah – the lowest deity, part of the essence of man, the mediator between gods and people, the afterlife of the pharaohs.

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Bast is the god of fun, good luck and a home. He defended the poor, young children and old people. He saw a dwarf with a lush beard.Buhis is a god embodied in the form of a black and white bull. It was portrayed in a crown with two long feathers and a solar disk.Gore is the god of earth, the divine ruler of Egypt.

Represented in the guise of a man on his head depicted a duck.Min is the god of fertility and reproduction of people and animals. It was depicted as a man with a disproportionately large solid phallus (a symbol of fertility), one hand raised up, the second holding a whip.

On his head is a crown with high golden feathers.Montou is the god of war. He looked like a man with a falcon’s head, a crown with two feathers and a solar disk on his head, holding a spear in his hand.Osiris is a democratic god, a god of hunting and war.

He was also considered a god of fertility. Most of all was revered by the simple people of Egypt.Ptah – the god of craft and creativity, truth and justice. He saw in tight clothes, and held a staff in his hands.Ra – the most famous Egyptian solar god, saw the head of a falcon crowned with a solar disk.Sebek – the god of rivers and lakes.

It was depicted as a man with a crocodile head, on his head a gold high crown.He is an ancient Egyptian god of knowledge. He is holding a long thin staff in his hands.Hapi is the deity of the Nile River, the patron of moisture and harvest. He was represented by a fat man with a huge belly and female mammary glands. On the head is a crown made of papyrus, in hands holding vessels with water.

The choir is the god of heaven and royal power, the patron of the army. Egyptian pharaohs were considered the embodiment of Horus on earth. It was portrayed as a man with a falcon’s head.

Heh – the embodiment of the elements. In the images – a man with a frog’s head.Khnum is the creator of people, the god of creation, water and the setting sun. He created the vital thresholds of the Nile River.

It was portrayed as a man with a ram’s head.Shai is the god of the vine, the patron of wealth. Later he began to be considered the god of fate, which determined the time of the flow of human life.Sesemu – the god of the afterlife, guarded the mummy and punished the sinners. The God of embalming.Shu is the god of air, which divides heaven and earth.

It was portrayed in the form of a man who stands on one knee, holding his hands up, and holding the heavens.Yah – the moon god. Represented in the image of a man crowned with a moon disk and a lunar crescent.


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