AMNESIA Amnesia is when people can no longer memorise or recall information that stored in memory


Amnesia is when people can no longer memorise or recall information that stored in memory. It is very rare despite being a favourite theme in movies and books. Being a little forgetful is utterly different to having amnesia. Amnesia refers to a large-scale loss of a memory that should not be forgotten. These may include important milestone in life’s memorable events and keep people our lives and vital facts that have been told or taught. Amnesia is an inability to lay down new memories and recall old memories or both. The symptoms of amnesia may include confusion and uncoordinated movements. Alcohol abuse can lead to a type of amnesia known as Wernicke-Korsakoff’s psychosis. The cause of amnesia can be by many things including traumatic experiences, brain injuries, stroke, brain surgery, and infection in the brain. However, amnesia can be caused by a concussion that is when a bump in people’s head or body rattles their brain around in their skull, damaging delicate tissue. Sometimes that damage can make people feel sleepy or a headache for a few days, but the effects can be more serious. There are two kinds of amnesia; retrograde and anterograde. Concussions can cause both of them. Retrograde amnesia is when people forget things that happened in the past, for instance, people’s birth date. On the other hand, anterograde amnesia is where people cannot make new memories.
People with amnesia also find it hard to remember the past, memorise new information and imagine the future. The reason is that people construct future scenarios by their recollections of past experiences. People’s ability to recollect events and experiences involves a variety of complex brain processes. People still don’t understand what happens when they commit something to memory, or when they try to retrieve data stored in the brain. Most people with amnesia are usually lucid and have a sense of self. However, they may experience severe difficulties in learning new information, struggle to recall memories of past experiences, or both.

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