AMITY SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLGYINDEPENDENT STUDY AND RESEARCH REPORT ON”Effects on the Combustion, Performance and Emission parameters by using Isopropyl alcohol- Diesel blends in a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine”SUBMITTED BY:                                                                    GUIDED BY:Rohit Sood(A2326217008)                                                       Mr. Sumit SharmaVikas Verma(A2326217009)CONTENTSABSTRACTINTRODUCTIONLITERATURE REVIEWEXPERIMENTAL SETUPRESULTS AND DISCUSSIONSPERFORMANCE CHARACTERSTICSEMISSION CHARACTERSTICSCONCLUSIONREFERENCESABBREVIATIONSETUP PICTURESABSTRACTFrom the past few years there has been increase in the conventional sources of energy. This is mainly due to the increase in the demand of Automobiles thus leading to higher consumption of fossil based fuels. The use of these fuels is affecting earth’s environment tremendously and has created many threats to mankind such as ozone depletion.

So, in order to decrease these threats, it is compulsory to use alternative fuels and many research are being performed throughout the world. In order to get rid of these problems blends of alcohols like ethanol, butanol and propanol can act as a nice substitute to current fuels in diesel engines. In this analysis 0%(IPA 0), 25%(IPA 25) and 35%( IPA 35) by volume to volume ratio blends of isopropyl alcohol and diesel was prepared. The performance and emission were analysed using these fuels on a single cylinder diesel engine at no load, medium load and peak load condition. The results state that there is an increase in NOx emissions for both the blends at the idle and peak load condition in comparison to the diesel blend (IPA 0). There is a reduction of NOx emission at medium load by 8.125% for IPA 25 and 13.75% for IPA 35.

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 At idle state NOx increase by 53.85% and 23.08% with increase in the blend ratio whereas at the peak load increases for about 1.82% and 5.

09% for IPA 25 and IPA 35 respectively from the IPA 0 data. The brake thermal efficiency increases significantly with the increase in the percentage of isopropyl alcohol in the blend.An increase in the BSFC was also registered for the blends.

The UBHC levels also increase as the concentration of isopropyl alcohol increases in the blend for all load conditions. Significant reduction of CO2 can be seen in IPA 35 at idle and medium load condition with no variation at peak load, but for IPA 25 increase is registered at the idle condition with no variation over other loads. An increment in CO emission can also be seen for idle and mid load condition.INTRODUCTIONIn the modern era pollutants present in the air are responsible for a number of unpropitious environmental effects.

Automobiles sector is one of the major cause for an increment in the air pollutants and are further increasing day to day due to its necessity in the market. Carbon emissions promote the climate change which act as repercussion for human beings as well as environment. The combustion of fossil fuels release carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), and other greenhouse gases. The carbon emissions raise global temperatures by confining solar energy into earth’s atmosphere. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) are most relevant for the increment in air pollution. These gases contribute to the formation of smog and acid rain. Nitrogen oxides are usually produced from the reaction among nitrogen and oxygen during the combustion of fuels such as hydrocarbons at high temperature.Diesel engines due to its higher efficiency and ruggedness play a vital role in the Indian economy as they are being used in the agriculture, transport and the industrial sectors as well.

However, Diesel engines also known to emit harmful pollutants and pollute the environment. From the point of view of protecting the earth from these emissions and concern for the long-term use of the diesel fuel, it is necessary to develop alternative fuels that give b


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