American Kyle was shipped back out to

American Sniper by Chris Kyle is an autobiography about the deadliest sniper in U.S military history. Chris Kyle was born and raised in Texas.

He grew up hunting with his father. In 1996 he signed up for the military and then, is recommended for the Navy Seals. Kyle has to go through tough physical training. While training he gets an injury from driving.

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After completing the training he was stationed in Long Beach, California with SEAL Team 3. While in Long Beach he meets his future wife Taya. On September 11, 2001, he was still in Long Beach and was horrified by the act of terrorism.

Because of that, he wants to be deployed to the middle east. It takes him about two years to be deployed. During that time he continued to train and train. He also married Taya.

After their honeymoon, Kyle was finally deployed. He was deployed to the Persian Gulf to raid Iraqi oil tankers. He finds that he enjoys active combat. In 2003 He and Team 3 arrive in Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The operation was to free the Iraqi people from the leadership of Saddam Hussein. In Iraq Kyle’s jobs were to raid houses, secure oil fields, and fight groups of insurgents.

He begins to develop a hatred for the people who are trying to kill him and his friends. When he returns from his first deployment he reunites with Taya. Taya notice that war has changed him. While he was back he attended sniper school and learns how to shoot really long distances accurately But in Iraq, he has plentiful opportunities to shoot insurgents. Before being deployed to Iraq, Taya gave birth to their first child.

Taya begins to hate Kyle for leaving her to take care the kid. In Iraq, Kyle works with Polish fighters. He raids houses and provides cover. On his second deployment, he earns the Bronze Model for valor. Kyle was shipped back out to Iraq to help make cities safe. When he returned home he began to bond with his son.

He decided to reenlist in the military. A few weeks before he was deployed his wife had an emergency C-section and gave birth to a girl. When he gets shipped back out he bonds with new soldiers,  Ryan Job and Marc Lee. during their deployment, Ryan gets shot in the head and lose both eyes Marc Lee gets killed by insurgents. In September 2006, Kyle learns that his daughter could be dying of leukemia.

With both tragedies and his daughter, he decides to come back home. When he gets home he finds that his daughter will live but he starts drinking heavily and suffers a knee injury. He did physical therapy. He decides to reenlist one more time and promised Taya that it would be the last time. When he got back from Iraq in 2008, he reunites with Ryan Job, which he remained good friends until Job’s death due to surgical complications.

He and an old friend started a shooting school. He cuts back on drinking and goes to counseling with a Taya. He has decided that being a SEAL made him a stronger and better man.


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