America school. He learned some of my abilities,

America is one of the most advanced countries in the terms of an education system. People all over the world admire to study in the United States. Thousands of student immigrate to the United States every year in order to accomplish their career. All of these is the cause of America’s powerful public education system which gives chance to every student to show their ability by evaluating their progress and understanding their problems.

It prepares the students for the future and their career. Besides, it gives more importance to creativity and variety of in-class activities instead of just reading theories from the books.The one of the most engaging thing in America’s education system is that every student gets a chance to show their ability.

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The teacher sees your strength and progress gradually over time instead of just directly expecting hundred percent on the test. They don’t want any student to be like another, but they give more importance to what makes a student more successful and different from others. I was born in another country where education system was completely different.

When I came to the United States I was very impressed with the ways of teaching in the school, and the evaluation of student’s progress by the teachers. The week before I was about to start my high school as a junior, my school counselor took my placement test. After that, he arranged a meeting with me to know more about myself. In the meeting, he asked me about the career I am interested in after the high school. He learned some of my abilities, weaknesses and the experiences I had in my previous school and country.

Based on that and my placement test reports, my school counselor came to know that English is not my first language. Therefore, he puts me in the ELL program and gives me the LEP version of classes. This is when I got somewhat confidence because I was with the students who had a same language problem and very little knowledge about this country like me. All of the teachers had created a nice learning environment and were always interested to know about my problems. Teachers were giving us lot of general knowledge about this country along with in-class assignments and syllabus. I was making new friends and connections in the school.

My chemistry teacher was the great influence for me because she used to make me the group leader during lab to develop my leadership skills, and asking questions during in class discussion as a way of evaluating my progress. About two months later she gave me the unit test which was the version of honors chemistry class. After grading my test, she moved me to honors chemistry class which was a great achievement for me. This experience and the way of makings progressivity in a student is making America’s education system more successful.

In America’s public education system, graduating from high school is not just about getting a degree by passing all of the classes with good grades and higher GPA. The main goal of the American education system is to prepare the students for the college and their career in the future. The students don’t have to wait until the high school graduation to begin their career exploration for the college. The teachers start to discuss about some interesting career along with teaching in the class by using resources like career cruising during the junior year in the high school.

Every year the school counselor arranges some days to talk about the career the students are fascinated in and have an individual conference. I always like to study science, and the most interesting class for me is biology. Therefore I went to my counselor and told him that I like to study in the medical field in the future, but not sure in which specific medical career. He recommended me to take Introduction to Health Care class. In that class, I get to know more about the variety of healthcare career options. I was able to learn the skills of medical workers, and expand my knowledge about job applications and expected behaviors during job interviews in that class. Apart from these, America’s education system believes in the advancement of the students.

Therefore,  my counselor gave me the College credit classes during my senior year based on my SAT test scores. It was challenging and exciting for me because I won’t have to take those classes in the college. Because of that, I got some sort of ideas and expectations for the college. In my journey of education, the way of preparing students for the college is making the education system more effective.Just like every task has several ways to accomplish it, America’s education system has created different ways and in-class activities to build up the basic concepts in student about the topics, which is making the education system more productive and interesting. The teachers are expecting creativity in a student instead of reading and memorizing the topics from the books. When I started the school in the United States, I observed that during the beginning of every academic year in high school, the teacher make the whole class to write about whether learning visually and practically makes them learn and understand better or simply taking notes from the books.

Our school uses more technology and provides iPad to every student. The best thing about it is that students can easily use the simulation to conduct the experiments which are not possible in class or at their home. In my health class, my teacher gives the assignment to create the structure of human anatomy and organ systems using play-doh which brings creativity and the easier way of learning for me. The teachers give the students update about what going on in our society by selecting the topic on current events for Essays in the language classes. In my sociology class, my teacher does not make the students write too many notes. Instead of that, he explains the topic in the class and at the end of every unit, he gives the assignment of creating a presentation in which the students have to apply the topic they have learned in the unit to their personal experience in our society.

In final exam of the sociology class, he told us to write a reflection about how the syllabus we learned in a semester has changed my perspective on things, and how this knowledge influenced me in making myself different from others. In my journey of education in America, these different ways of learning have brought productivity in me and increased my interest in learning. Thus, this strategy is making the America’s public education system attractive and stronger.In the end, the teachers give more importance to students ability and believe in student’s advancement, the education system prepares the students for the future, and the various ways of teaching through activities bring more productivity in the students. Because of these qualities, America’s education system is considered as most effective and successful in today’s world of knowledge.

Therefore, it is an honor for all the students of the United States that their future is on the right hands of the education system where teachers and school authorities works are to make our generation successful.


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