Aluminum a 100 ounce solid aluminum pyramid

Aluminum it wasn’t until 1808 that it was discovered by Sir Humphrey Davy as the base metal of a loom however it would be almost another 20 years before aluminium was purified and isolated from its or because of its high reactivity which makes it difficult to extract it from the reactivity of iron and aluminum in the 1800s because of this aluminum was considerable the most valuable metals in fact Napoleon the third of France used to serve his most distinguished guests on aluminium plates but everyone else had to stick with something less valuable like gold later in the 1880s during the construction of the Washington Monument it was decided that the apex would be made of a 100 ounce solid aluminum pyramid at that time this was the largest block of aluminum ever made and aluminum had roughly the same value as silver however almost immediately afterwards a new process was created that allowed for mass production of aluminum and now we have so much we don’t know what to do with it on a side note so there’s a debate over whether it is aluminum or aluminium Americans tend to think of it as aluminum and the British think of it as aluminium Humphrey Davy originally wrote it as aluminum but then changed it to aluminum in 1990 the international union of pure and applied chemistry stated that aluminium would be the correct name though aluminum is an acceptable alternative so who’s right both of them are technically correct so with that issue settled.

Every year tons of industrial waste is produced in the form of machining chips. Majority of the waste chips produced are steel machining chips. These chips are produced by variety of machining operations like milling, turning, drilling, grinding etc. Disposal and recycling of these chips is a major environmental as well as economical challenge.

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Many studies are already done on effects of addition of steel machining chips on a pure metal or a metal alloys 3-4.Due to the high strain, which chips undergo during machining there, is a high level of strain deformation observed in chips. This strain deformation results in formation of very fine-grained microstructure 5-8. This significantly improves the strength of chips as compared to bulk material. In this research, the High carbon steel machining chips produced from various machining operations are used.


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