Although, absolute power by the divine right or

Although, a monarchy and a president are both, forms of government as well as political systems.

The two, they tend to vary significantly in general. The first difference one could talk about is the power that they possess in terms of the base and structure. A monarchy is a form of government whereby citizens are ruled by a king, who often claims themselves to hold absolute power by the divine right or in other words the will of God whereas in a presidential system the government is elected by the general public through the process of voting and fair elections. In countries like, Thailand, for instance, the king is regarded as the Head of State, who is enthroned in a position of reverence, is respected by all and cannot be violated or defied. No one can expose the King to any sort of accusation or other royalties for that matter. On the other hand, Presidents can be chosen either indirectly by representatives of those elected by the people, or by the people directly.

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When the president is elected indirectly, then we can call the regime a parliamentary republic. Indirectly elected presidents are selected by an electoral college. For example, in Hungary the president is elected by members of the sole house of parliament, and the National Assembly. The president elected by the people is and can be challenged and questioned by the general public if charged with cases of corruption or any other scandal.

And since he is elected by the people, he is bound to respect them and make policies for a better future for its citizens.


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