Although absence of skilled technicians for maintenance

Although machines are helpful, these are depriving humans from reality. Human are taking disadvantages from machines and being almost completely dependent on these. They are reducing physical work and doing by machines. In this way, they are falling in such kind of danger health issues. Additionally, they are doing less care of relationships. They used to contact with their family members, friends or relatives by meeting physically. Now a day, they contact each other by making a call or sending a text to them. Such wise, human are losing the advantage to be loved with each other which is exaggerated for their soul relationship. In this way people are becoming very much virtual.
Machines are very expensive to buy, maintain and repair that all the people cannot afford the cost of these. Anesthetic machines become very costly and complex. In these situations, in the absence of skilled technicians for maintenance most of them become less useful for use. Despite these disadvantages, still the machines are provided to the hospitals, thereby expending valuable resources without any benefits of patients (1264-1270). At first, the poor countries hospital needs skilled technicians so that the machines can be maintained. Otherwise the machines will be the cause of the destruction of a large amount of a country’s economy.
People are killing one forth of their lifetimes by watching television. A good number of people from our society are unaware about their valuable time. Most of the adults and children are watching television to be entertained which is the cause of wasting time doing nothing to be benefited. Average American family is watching television 6.12 hours per day which represents that they are wasting one forth of their lifetimes by watching television. In a word, television has become the obvious part of their life. This is how people are losing the tendency of family discussion and also they are losing themselves from social group that is characterized by conversation (74-75). Machines were invented with no harm, and are made to make peoples life easy, and to increase production. The sensibility of young people is sometimes worse affected by some indecent programs. They become addicted to it and grow violent and aggressive by being influenced by several indecent programme and starts neglecting their studies. Although television has some bad impacts on students the value of television as a medium of gaining social knowledge for the students cannot be unacknowledged. People are misusing the machines which similar to hitting own leg with an axe.
Machines are reducing the need for people in many jobs. Workers are being replaced by different types of machines. For example, robots are being used in factories, farming, Surgeon in healthcare, security guard, truck driver, soldier, even food cooking and servicing in restaurants’ and mobile phone, computer, laptop are used for communication. There used to be a postmaster when was no mobile or telephone to communicate. The coming of mobile phone into our community has taken the job of the postmaster. Farmers are not able to fulfill the demand of foods for the huge amount of people. They need to produce more crops at a higher quality in a sustainable manner. Also there is less labor to drive the vision forward. It is easier to produce more crops by using the robots rather than taking help of farmers. So the production companies are replacing human by robots. On the other hand, people are having operation under a robot surgeon instead of a doctor surgeon because it makes feel patients comfortable, which is beneficial for the patients but perhaps may not for the medical professionals. Similarly, we can use robot as security guard, truck driver and soldier, but the middle class worker losing the opportunity to have these jobs. As robots are doing most of the works of human then there is no need for workers and this is how unemployment is increasing in our country.
Though machines have many negative effects on human being, the advantages of machines cannot be denied. Machines are increasingly doing intellectual things that helping the people in many ways. Such as, face book can be considered as a great media of communication and people can be recognized by see the face in photos. Also Google is translating websites and Siri can understand voices. The central understandings learning machines provides new instrument and solve various types of problems which make peoples life easier than before (87-88). Face book is playing an important rule as social networking site and keeping the people in touch. This site made the people communicative and the internet is supporting our society to run more efficiently.
Machines are useful as a teaching source. Television plays an important role on Army. The U.S.A Army has been taking advantages from television since 1950. They have been using the television to meet military training and informational requirements. Also they are using it as an entertainment medium. At the same time, it is a potential use for teaching the Army (172). The television telecast debates, lectures on various important topics, discussion on science, literature, etc. By watching all of the things that mentioned above, the Army is learning and gaining knowledge about many unknown subjects or topics. Television is considered to be the best medium of entertainment. However, it has some bad effects or aspects upon Human being.
Computer is one of the very important instruments in our daily life. The advancement of computer has made possible to be done almost everything through the computer and over the internet. Computing is any goal where people can create a mathematical sequence of steps which is known as an algorithm. Also computing includes, designing, developing and building hardware and software systems, engineering, software engineering, computer science, information system, information technology, processing, structuring, and managing various kinds of information, doing scientific research etc (48). With the help of these tools people are using it almost every spares of their life such as, education, medical science, agriculture, commerce, printing, industrial sector, earning money etc. Anyone can play game and sports, listen to music, and watch film, dramas, can read books on online library, and so on. It is a great source of income and students can earn their pocket money or other educational expenses. Many developed countries and companies offered work on software and hardware and a student can earn a lot. There is no blessing of invention of science that has no bad impact.
Mobile phone is one of the great advent of technological advances. It is easy to carry because of its flexible shape and there is a great demand for mobile to the student as well as others. The reason of the exceeding demand for the mobile or smart phones is useful for quick communication and can carry easily and now a day the use of it is increasing. Moreover, the students can contact their friends, teachers or anyone they prefer to ask for suggestions regarding study. In this way, they are learning how to interact in a positive manner so that they can operate successfully in their communication or society. The brain of human being are very special than the other creatures and in case of machines it is completely difference. The machines’ brain could not work as like as human brain. Still the machines are doing great on solving proms. Machines have brought a huge change in humans’ communication. Before people had to write a later if they want to send any massage or important information and it used to take long time to reach at the destination. At this modern era, it takes a few seconds to send massages to others. Logan D. A. Williams and Thomas S. Woodson said that, “As the role of innovation in catalyzing economic development has become increasingly appreciated by scholars, the important of technology has become more obvious” … (Williams and Woodson 222). So machines are very important for the students as its helping them economically as well. Computer does not have the brain that men have and this is why they both have differed to each other. Human beings are the inventor of the machines where a machine cannot create something if it wants. Men can solve their any problem that they get in their lifetime but a machine cannot solve its problem by itself until a skilled men is not solving its problem. Along with saving our valuable time as well as making life easier. So, mobile phone is one of the machines that are helping students to communicate and earn easily.


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