Although, human body is split. You would

Although, I use some plastic. I do not use a lot. I use glass to drink out of, I use stainless steel straws, and I use stainless steel water bottles. Because plastic is so destructive to the environment.

Additionally, BPA and other oil-based chemical used to manufacture plastics have been shown to leach into food. Unfortunately, the consensus among experts about the effect of these chemicals on the human body is split. You would think that because the Food and Drug Administration approved the plastics for use and the EPA does not consider it a cause for concern we should just not be worried, right? For Instance, BPA (which is supposedly have been phased out of consumer plastics, except canned food linings) has a weak synthetic estrogen. This synthetic estrogen is a hormone-disruptor, like many other plastic chemicals.

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Hormone-disruptors can affect how the hormones act in the body and can increase or decrease hormones, throwing off the bodies hormonal balance. Because estrogen has been scientifically proven to make hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer develop or grow, many women have chosen to limit their exposure to plastics and their oil-based chemicals. Unfortunately, plastics are not only harmful to the human body in certain circumstances, they are harmful to the environment. The sea is littered with plastics particularly microplastics. Microplastics are pieces of plastic under 5mm in size. Sadly, when marine life eats these pieces of plastic, the plastic not only affects the marine species ability to regulate their body temperature, the plastic is ingested and the chemicals are inside the food that we harvest from the ocean, which is not good for the human body either.

A recent study estimated that more than a quarter of all fish now contain plastic. If that was not enough, the majority of waste that is produced is not biodegradable and can be around for 400 years. Moreover, it is estimated only about 12% has been incinerated. In 2017, scientists went about trying to estimate how much plastic was manufactured in that year. Their estimate was 8.3 billion metric tons, and out of that amount what horrified the scientists the most, a whopping 91% was not recycled but instead put into the trash. A study by scientists started in 2015 predicted by 2050 there would be more plastic in the ocean than there were fish and 12 billion metric tons of plastic in landfills.

If we don’t start changing something, we will are on a path to peril that we may not be able to turn around. It is time for people do more to save the environment, that includes limiting climate change as well as making sure our seas remain free of harmful objects and chemicals and making an effort to recycle the items that can be recycled. Because, if we as a world community keep treating the earth with such contempt. We will end up with an environment that is so toxic that it won’t be able to sustain life because it will be so polluted.



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