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R. Gregg’s notes, “1984 in 2012 – The Assault on Reason,” reveals how Canada is
currently undergoing similar situations that were outlined in George Orwell’s dark
novel 1984. 1984 provides a dark, grim future
where inalienable rights have been removed, and a totalitarian state controls
everything, even a person’s ability to think. The state uses three phrases: War
is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength. Gregg explains how, to
the common eye, this seems inexplainable, and contradictory. However, Orwell
specifically uses this terminology to shed light on the dangers of irrationality
and fight back the threat of authoritarianism. The phrase, “Ignorance is
Strength,” is looked upon closer by Gregg. He explains that despots and
absolutists use ignorance to subdue and control the oppressed. Therefore,
democracies are so crucial, as they protect our rights. Democratic governments
also resolve conflicts through peaceful methods, and dialogue, because they are
rational. However, the Canadian government of 2012 have begun to discard reason
and facts when creating their policies, and the Canadian public is supporting
them. The decision of the Canadian government to remove the mandatory long form
census and replace it with a voluntary one illustrates that the government is
disregarding valuable information that could potentially be of use in the

The nail in the coffin was when the government decided to cut 19,000
civil servant jobs, the majority of which contributed to reasonable thinking
and science. Gregg laments that “this was a deliberate attempt to obliterate
certain activities…science and evidence…to make policy decisions.” The
government no longer wants reason to play a part in policy. Scientists
attempted to protest these decisions as a result. Gregg describes how
legislature has begun to restrict freedom, like Bill C-5, and the government is
not debating these decisions enough. The government is “obfuscating the true
purpose of laws,” and not being transparent enough. That “policy should be
based on conviction and not bloodless statistics,” speaks volumes about the
governments desire to clamp down on the use of reason. A major problem is that
the culture of North America used to revolve around progress, and now we live
in a “zero-sum society,” that there is inequality in our world. This results in
divisive politics, and politicians have abandoned reason. Gregg’s solution? To
fight this, we must begin to use reason, and embrace the evidence presented by

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References to All Gore
“Question of the right vs wrong”. The author clarifies that It is not about blaming
the Harper government but the introduction of Bill 78 as an act to enable
students to receive instruction from the past secondary education they attend,
they were also trying to ban the freedom of assembly, which is individual civil
rights is not the right process of law. They are violating the rules of law as
stated in the Constitution which is above anyone in irrespective of power or
position you are holding it has to be respected. Policy should not be hijacked
by set of people or government it should be table and deliberate upon with
fact, reason and scientific evidence to be supported. The government should be
pilot by what is ethically right.

Yes, I do agree with
the author, because as human being we have the right to think and use our
common sense in forming ideas with reasonable evidence and support it with
scientific fact. The author elucidate how democracy can give the people the
power to hold the government accountable. However, the author also addresses
the way the people should not give ways to the authoritarian Government, but we
should be wise and analytical by allowing our voice to be heard in
decision-making. The article analyzes how the government started cutting cost on
research, science and evidence in other to stop them from criticizing their
policies. It was So alarming that he uses the Hitler time slogan “Work will set
you free” to compare what our legislators are doing in the parliament. And Bill
C – 10 “An act to enact the justice for victims of terrorism”. All this shows
the brutality of the government on policies by scraping the wheat board and
sending people in possession of weed to jail without proper process in the rule
of law, which gives right to the citizen for the freedom of speech in our
Canadian charter rights.

What stood out to me
in the reading was as an immigrant, I reasoned with all the facts pointed out
by Gregg, in his speech. I can see how policy are impaired in developed world
just like where I come from, but the good thing about Canada was they have
institution which we don’t have in my country. The policy that really struck me
was about the federal cabinet decision to cut the mandatory long census and
replace it with a voluntary one. As an immigrant I never knew how important the
mandatory long form for census was until I read it in the article. This help me
to reflect how the immigrants would come for landing and stayed with family
friend or relation before they can afford to rent an apartment or buy their own
house, ten or eight people will be living in a house sharing two toilets. This
help me to see the significant of the data not just on toilet counts it will
also help to know the number of people who can not afford housing due to
poverty which affects lots of immigrants.

As a social worker I
will guide against falling for misinformation, dogma or bias following the
social work principles, the CASW has two important responsibilities that guide
the present and the future assessment of federal social policy. It’s important
to connect social policy with social work practice. The issues about social power
and social control are significant for social policy. As a social worker it is
our fundamental right evaluate policy in order to meet the needs and advocate
for our client, such as equality, the worth of every human being, we should
treat our client like our guest by engaging with them, each person should be
treated equally without unfair discrimination on the basis of disability, color,
social class race, religion, language, political beliefs, sex or sexual
orientation. (CASW, 2003). By showing empathy is a concrete example, we have to
value and understand our client very well no matter how different they may be
in terms of culture and religion, because Canada is a multicultural country. We
have to engage them in conversation and listen to our client. By letting go our
thought and have feelings for them without been judgmental. When we critically
evaluate policy, this can enhance our practice as a social worker. We would be
able to evaluate the policies that can suit them and advocate against policy
that will not benefit them. It helps us to understand the system in which our client
live, so we can assist her to locate resources to meet her needs. Moreover, this
will help us to understand how inequality, oppression and injustice can impact politics
which allow “power over people” to be used in against the people in the public,
such as political power, economy power, physical power and ideological power. (Graham, Swift, & Delaney, 2012, p. 17). The example of physical
power was the G20 which shows the impact of social policy on people which indicate
power over people. By using the Ontario public protection Act to arrest and detained
protesters. A social worker can also advocate for policy change by evaluating policies
through public education, speaking in favor of something on behalf of our client,
and arguing for a cause.

In conclusion,
it shows that irrespective of the political affiliation will all belong to, we should
agree it is our fundamental right to be involved in decision making especially social


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