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All the banks basically offer the same type of services and facilities to the customer. The banker who wants to complete with other has to depend more on the efficient services and coordinate relationship with his customers. The only factor that distinguishes one bank’s service from the other is the “customer’ satisfaction” relating to their services rendered by the bank. It is the most important factor that customer influences the choice of the bank. The success of banks generally depends on the customer satisfaction relating to new technological services rendered by the banks. The banking Industries are mostly customer driven and their survival in competitive environment largely depends on new technological services provided by them.

Technology plays a vital role in improving the quality of services provided by the banking sectors. One of the technologies which really brought information revolving in the society is Internet Technology and is rightly regarded as the third wave of resolution after agricultural and industrial revolution. Advent and adoption of internet by the banking sector has removed the constraint of time, distance and communication making globe truly a small village. Internet banking from anywhere, anytime and is used for transactions, payments etc.

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over the internet through a bank, a credit union or society’s secure website. So, basically in internet banking a client has one-to-one interaction with the bank’s websites and in such a situation it is essential on the part of bank to provide high quality services over the internet. So, in contrast to Traditional banking, internet banking involves non-human interactions between customers and online bank information system.


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