All carry out to investigate the effects of

All results of the researches have pointed out that customer satisfaction achieved by customer relationship marketing. Further research has to carry out to investigate the effects of Starwood and Marriott merge, once it is complete, on the hotels and its loyalty programs. It is predicted that this move is going to be more of a disadvantage to the customers and this brings a downfall to the hotels. However, there are more pros than cons to this notion. Researchers also need to look deep into the case of CRM as a recommendation to all up coming and already established businesses across the spectrum, not only in the hospitality industry.

Hoteliers and all the other companies that fall into the category like airlines and restaurants have already become popular with this type of marketing, its high time the rest of the world follow suit. A number of weaknesses have to be pointed out starting with the data collection methods of this research that did not pick out any random crowds but based on personal connections of the researcher, so this limited the sample size to three hotels. The aim was to have more than six hotels interviewed so based on these few hotels the answer is not completely solid. The distribution of men and women in the survey was not reflective enough to conclude for the whole million number of SPG members as well as the age group differences like the millennial

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