All need to work together and understand

All organisations that provide services to adults at risk have a responsibility to make sure their staff are fit to work with adults at risk.
Organisations need to work together and understand each others systems and procedures without conflict. Organisations include:
Ealing Social Services have a Department called Safeguarding and their role is to make sure that adults at risk are protected from abuse and this refers to an adult at risk aged 18 or over who is or may be in need of community care services by reason of:
• mental disability
• physical disability
• learning disability
• age
• illness
• frailty
and who is or may be unable to take care of him or herself, or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation. Ealing Social services will treat every reported incident of alleged abuse as urgent.
The PAN London Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures is the overarching safeguarding adults policy in the borough of Ealing.
Ealing Social Services expect each Care Home to follow their policy and procedures are they are involved in safeguarding adults. The expect Organisations to work together to prevent and protect adults at risk from abuse, empower and support people to make their own choices, investigate actual or suspected abuse and neglect and support adults and provide a service to adults at risk who are experiencing abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulates and inspects health & Social care services and protects the rights of people detained under the Mental Health Act 1983.
When a referral is being made to for example to Ealing Social Services from a Home Manager then they expect CQC to also be notified as well. Notification of Abuse is send to CQC and they expect also to see that the local social services have been notified. All relevant papers are requested from Social Services e.g. from the Home – incident reports, daily communication notes, complaint form. Then a Strategy Meeting by Ealing Social Services is set up to include the Home manager, family member, CPN nurse (if necessary) sometimes CQC, sometimes Police to determine and discuss the issue presented. These meetings are set up in order to be able to work together amicably.
Both Social Services and CQC invite Managers to forums and meetings to discuss, evaluate, improve their systems and this enables the home to improve their protocols and evaluate their performance and get the best possible outcome.

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