All go through stages from birth to death.

All of us grow old. All people go through stages from birth to death. The saddest stage is an old age. In there are diseases of which did not think in youth. There are irreversible changes in brain neurons, e.g. Diseases as an Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, Dementia, Diabetes will do suddenly appear.
“The UK population has been ageing over the past few decades and the proportion of people aged 65 years and over has been steadily increasing” (IBISWorld, 2018).
It is a significant social problem as elderly, disable asks for the help in NHS with problems with eyes, kidneys, heart and the nerves.

Disabled older people are being let down and this is a stark reminder that urgent action is needed, which is the least they deserve in a compassionate society 1George McNamara, director of policy and public affairs at Independent Age
Despite this, just three per cent of councils took enforcement action against developers who failed to meet these standards, the Commission found.
The report also said that people were forced to wait an average of 22 weeks between application and the installation of home adaptations necessary to live safely and independently, with some waiting for
Social Services for the Elderly ; People with Disabilities – UK Market Research Report

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