Alfred this theory was not accepted was this

AlfredWegener is German geologist who he was born in 1880. But he was not geologistat first, he was German solder. He retired the German solder because he was injuryin the war.

After this time, he became an Earth scientist and made a greatresearch such as the Continental movement theory.Wegenernoticed that the west coast in African content was almost completely matched tothe east coast in South America. So he presented that Continental was movinglong ago. This is called ” the continental movement theory ” But Continentalmovement theory which was presented by Wegener was not accepted by othergeologist. Why?? Because this theorycouldn’t solve question that what is the enormous power that moved continent?When I studied about this thing, I thought that the reason why the geologistwas not accepted the Continental movement theory which was presented by Wegenerwas not only that this theory could not prove doubt what is the enormous powerthat moved continent. I thought the reason why this theory was not accepted wasthis theory which was far from common sense at the time.Afterhis theory was not accepted in other geologists, Wegener tried to prove histheory.

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To prove the theory, he used geology, paleoclimatology, paleontologyetc…

he used many scholarships and times. But he could not prove his theorywhile he was alive. After he died, thanks to spread plate tectonics theory inthe world, the his theory was accepted around the world. When I studied aboutthis thing, I thought that he was poor. At the same time I thought that no onewould have through the will.Istudied about Alfred Wegener. I felt the pain I his unhappy life.

AlfredWegener could not prove his theory while he was alive. However Now he was saidfamous geologist. So I respect him who has through the will. And I learned thatit is important to keep trying, even if it did not get result from him.


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