Alexander 2009. n. pag. Salem Online. Web.

Alexander Messam
21 March 2017
Annotated Bibliography
Heims, Neil. “King Lear, King Oedipus, and Willy Loman: Tragic Strategies in Death of a Salesman.” Critical insights: Death of a Salesman. Ed. Brenda Murphy. Hackensack: Salem, 2009. n. pag. Salem Online. Web. 12 Mar. 2017
In this article it shows a story that is similar to King Oedipus. Both stories Death of a Salesman and Oedipus the King shows “revelations about the protagonists and reversal of their fortunes…” I have found this article to be useful in my thesis.

Otten, Terry. “Coming to Roost Again: Tragic Rhythm in Arthur Miller’s Broken Glass,” Critical Insights: Arthur Miller. Ed. Brenda Murphy. Hackenscack: Salem, 2010
This article has a story called “Broken Glass” that somewhat relates to Oedipus the king. Both of the protagonists are blinded by the real truth, and “evade the truth that condemns them and their own criminality.” I find this article very useful with the research I am doing.

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Sophocles, and Bernard Knox. Oedipus the King, Washington Square Press Publication, 1972
Oedipus the king is about how Lauis, Oedipus father hears about a prophecy of himself getting killed by his son, so he orders Oedipus dead. Oedipus is left a stray, but is saved by a Shepard. When Oedipus is an adult he is told that he is destined to kill his father and marry his mother. Oedipus tries to avoid the situation by leaving, but on his journey he kills a traveler in self-defense, who happens to be his father. He also ends up marring his mother later on.


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