Alex Thurman Ms Woodward Comp 1010 5 November 2018 The Three Types of Rocks Across the planet

Alex Thurman
Ms Woodward
Comp 1010
5 November 2018
The Three Types of Rocks
Across the planet, there are millions and millions of different rocks just laying around and over 4000 different types of minerals in these rocks, but all rocks are put into a certain category. (Earthtoadornment, 2016) There are 3 different types of Rocks: Sedimentary, Metamorphic, and Igneous. All these different rock are have certain traits that define them. They are all made up of certain elements, are textured differently, are used for different things, and all can look very different,and be found in very different locations.
The first of the three types of rocks is the Igneous. Igneous rocks can be formed in a couple different ways. The intrusive igneous rocks are formed when magma rises into any crevices and it colls. The other way it is formed, is when volcano erupts and the lava flows onto the surface and eventually cools over time. While Igneous rocks are cooling a crystal starts to form inside of them. The time it takes to cool affects the size of the crystal which changes the looks of the rock. Igneous rocks are their own type of rock because of the chemical or mineral components inside of it. The most common minerals that we find inside of igneous rocks “For example, the most common minerals in granite are quartz (white or gray), feldspar (white or pinks of varying shades), and mica (black).” (Encyclopedia, 2016 ) There can be many uses for the igneous rocks, but the most common uses for it are used in flooring, landscaping and construction projects. There is a lot to tell about the Igneous rock formation, but there is also a lot to tell about the sedimentary rock.
Sedimentary rocks are formed on the Earth’s surface. These rocks are formed by the breaking down of other rocks or organic debris. “The term sedimentary rock applies both to consolidated, or lithified sediments (bound together, or cemented) and unconsolidated sediments (loose, like sand ).” (Encyclopedia, 2016 ) The sedimentary rock, like the igneous, has little subcategories. These groups are Plastics, organic, or chemical. These types of rocks looks can all be very different because of the way they are formed. Some rocks are very easily broken down depending on the environment they have been in. The main factor that determines this is if they lie underwater for a certain amount. If they are, they break down much easier, if not they are much more durable. The main minerals that we find inside of sedimentary rocks are gypsum and limestone. (Encyclopedia, 2016 ) There are many uses of sedimentary rocks but the main things they are used for is to create lime, paper, fiberglass, and insecticides. Like the Igneous and Sedimentary, the Metamorphic rock also has many uses and is very different.
Metamorphic rocks are already formed rocks that are changed into different types of rocks. This means they are formed from either igneous or sedimentary. “Igneous and sedimentary rocks become metamorphic rock as a result of intense heat from magma and pressure from tectonic shifting.” Like the other 2 rocks, these can be broken into subcategories. The two categories are regional and thermal. The regional rock are found in mountain areas, being formed by pressure. The thermal rocks are formed by pressure and heat, whereas the regional are just formed by pressure. These rocks are deep under the surface and located in the Earth’s crust. Both types of metamorphic are usually darker colored than most rocks. Depending on the location of these rocks can determine the type of minerals that are found inside. The minerals inside these rocks are a little related to the rocks they were morphed into and contain the same materials some igneous and sedimentary rocks do. The regional rocks are filled with crystals and gneiss. The thermal rocks are filled with limestone and marble. Because of the Metamorphic rocks being made of the other two types of rocks, most things we use them for are the same for the other 2 rocks. So all of the rocks are very different and are made up of different minerals, but in the end we do find a use for them.
Everywhere you go, you can always find rocks, and just about everyone of these rocks look and feel different. Inside of all these rocks, there are 4,000 different types of minerals found inside these rocks

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