Albert most of his life. Albert’s ideas helped

Albert Einstein was a famous scientist who figured out many theories and equations.

The most famous one is E=mc². Albert Einstein was born in Germany, 1879. He died at the age of 76 on april 18, 1955. Albert in his later years will be in Germany most of his life.

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Albert’s ideas helped spark inventions and E=mc² is what he used to help split atoms, making the first atom bomb and somebody invented the television from an idea of his.Albert was a good child but didn’t speak until 3 or 4 years of age. When he did he said “this soup is to hot” and his parents were very happy and they hugged him. Albert said “everything was fine until then.” At ages 5 to 8 Albert was at the Catholic elementary and the secondary school in Munich, Germany. At ages 8 to 15 Albert went to the Luitpold Gymnasium (now Albert Einstein Gymnasium) for advanced primary and secondary schooling also in Munich, Germany.

At ages 16 to 17 Albert went to the Angovian Cantonal school in Aarau, Switzerland. Then finally at ages 18 to 21 Albert went to the Swiss Polytechnic school in Zurich, Switzerland.Albert was in 1907 before he applied gravity to his theory of relativity.

1915 for Albert meant that his theory of relativity. The next year, 1916, Albert was finished with his theory of relativity and printed it to an unknown paper. This shows that it took 9 years to finish his theory of relativityAlbert Einstein is a very good man who was sad to had to get a nuke made because he hated war.

In the end Albert lived the life that many scientists would want to live. He had kids, two wives, and many theories that were all correct including e=mc². Albert was the greatest scientist who ever lived.


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