Airbnb photos of the properties to market them

Airbnb has a number of high-grade competitors with similar networks and websites such as,,, and These companies are working overtime to overthrow Airbnb from its throne which is why the threat of rivalry has a medium force. One competitor that has inevitably caught the attention of Airbnb shareholders is Onefinestay is a London startup that operates as an upmarket Airbnb service, renting out expensive homes and apartments to tourists in cities around the world while the owners are away. Currently, in operation in London, LA, Paris and New York and over 10,000 homes in its books, the houses available on the site are much swankier than those typically set up on related sites like Airbnb, with the regular charge for a onefinestay property being above $600 (£382) a night. Onefinestay also washes each property before and after people stay and offers linen and skincare product, just like a hotel would. The company also takes all its photos of the properties to market them (EWH, 2018).


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