AGRICULTURE of spoilage of harvested crop. HOW MIGHT

AGRICULTURE SECTOR The agriculture sector not only provides the essential food to survive but also provides the basic ingredients or raw materials for industrialization and therefore it proves to be the backbone of a country’s economy. It is also the main source of income for farmers.

Factors such as climatic changes , urbanization , soil pollution and water scarcity are affecting the food production at a large scale and make it one of the most serious problems of concern in order to feed this alarmingly increasing population.Food security prevents malnourishment which is one of the major problems faced by the developing countries. This needs advancements in various sectors from crop production techniques to land usage in such a way that not only takes care of human health but also protects the natural resources from destruction and contamination. Use of bio-fertilizers proves to be very beneficial in sustainable agriculture by improving soil fertility and enhancing food safety without any major harm to ecosystem. PROBLEMS / CHALLENGES TO TACKLE 1) Farmers constitute a considerable part of a developing country’s population and their main source of income is agriculture. They fall in debts due to scarce crop productivity. So taking measures that are affordable for them.

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2) Raising more food from fewer resources. 3) Soil erosion and soil pollution are a major threat to crop production. So making use of advanced technologies such as sensors to know the time to time status of water content in it’s composition will be helpful to avoid water scarcity as well as the condition of water logging.

4) Proper irrigation methods that reduces wastage and contamination of water. 5) Lack of adequate storage facilities that results in increasing risk of spoilage of harvested crop. HOW MIGHT WE ? 1) How might we design a technique for crop irrigation which do not require much of electricity and fossil fuels to operate ? 2) How might we design sensors which keeps us updated time to time regarding the need of soil for a particular type of nutrient or water that is affordable for small farmers? 3) How might we provide proper storage facility to the crops that protects them from pests and moisture? So the main challenge is to make our hard-working farmers educated and aware to increase their productivity at affordable rates. This would give better results if government join hands with the design thinkers and their innovative solutions . Implementing new things with perfection was never easy , but continuous and calculated risks are the stepping stones to success Hello Everyone, I might want to pick “Maintainability” as my theme since “manageability” is an expansive train, giving understudies and graduates bits of knowledge into most parts of the human world from business to innovation to condition and the social sciences.

Sustainability is one of the freshest degree subjects that endeavors to connect sociology with community building and natural science with the innovation without bounds. When we hear “maintainability” we tend to consider sustainable fuel sources , diminishing carbon discharges , securing conditions and a method for keeping the fragile biological systems of our planet in adjust. In short , maintainability hopes to ensure our common habitat , human and environmental wellbeing , while driving advancement and not trading off our lifestyle. The issue I might want to handle identified with manageability is that “How we can make the maintainable improvement a reality” For accomplishing this objective we require political will and speculation. Arrangements and techniques will probably succeed in the event that they depend on science .

So strategy creators and analysts should cooperate . also , that require exchange offs. Researchers should direct research in groups , associate with approach creators and handle complex issues from various perspectives. Researchers and arrangement producers all need to work crosswise over parts .

Along these lines, for instance wellbeing researchers need to work with researchers in different regions , and with non-wellbeing policymakers . What’s more, wellbeing policymakers working in urban areas need to work with specialists and different policymakers in lodging, transport, nourishment and exchange. The questions i would like to ask related to this topic are:- Q1: How may we enhance and offer greener items and administrations? Q2: How may we make an intelligible and an enduring harmony between the three parts of maintainability i.e.

social, monetary and natural human exercises? Q3: How may we pick the sort of speculation and introduction of mechanical and institutional changes which could meet the future needs? 


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