AgentMile within limitations of prices, sales comparisons, rent

Transforming Commercial Real Estate (CRE)
Despite the fact that Commercial real estate (CRE) industry is one of the largest global asset groups, the industry has been slow to transform its core business practices. Today, brokers struggle with heterogeneous and outdated technology, documents sharing, ineffective cash flow management and real-time presentation data problems.
Today, CRE is operating within limitations of prices, sales comparisons, rent rates, previous dealings and assessments that are always kept secret by market thespians. This might look and sound logical given fierce competitive nature of the market and because of the industry’s transactional environment (Discovery, search, prospecting, workflow, verification and tracking) which could be very tasking and burdensome that a small snag in one process can crumble a whole deal.
While the digitized world today seeks to bring greater flexibility, proficiency and transparency to commercial real estate assets, it seems noteworthy that CRE has been consistently resistant to changes in its way of conduction of business. Nevertheless, despite its traditional doubtfulness in embracing new tech, the CRE industry keenly seeks new sets of tools to produce better results without exposing exclusive data, making it have the tendency to be among the first of the largest global asset groups to experience the positive effect of technology integration.
In the present system of CRE transactions of due diligence, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), verifications and reporting can take months because authenticating the property history, erstwhile owners and occupants, agreement records and so on is done manually and the process and speed is often dependent on the physical readiness of authenticate documents. Failure to conduct due diligence checks and verify data can lead to tremendous losses.
In 2015, AgentMile launched an app, AgentDrive, an award-winning real estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing platform, which is now used by more than a thousand real estate professionals in about 20 countries in helping to manage and market more than a hundred thousand properties.
with the accomplishments of AgentDrive, AgentGrow, a real estate website builder that helps realtors build beautiful and convincing lead-generating websites and landing pages, was launched in early 2018. With these two products of AgentMile, realtors are able to achieve crucial sales and marketing accomplishments at a go in a unified and effective manner.
As a proven real estate startup, AgentDrive is servicing independent brokers and global brands. With this, more unique insights and a confidential look into the necessities of different business models in the CRE industry are gained. This is why they were conferred with “Great User Experience” and “Rising Star” awards in 2017 by Finances Online, a business app discovery platform.
Identifying an amalgamation of software features by the blockchain technology as the most efficient solution to the challenges of the CRE industry, AgentMile targets to transform the CRE industry by presenting the first decentralized CRE leasing platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It will not only be the place to publicize, find and market the best commercial deals, it will also be a place for realtors to empower themselves and utilize the blockchain expertise for their individual brokerages.


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