Again, the Charter. This is an odd

Again, Morgentaler was persecuted for continuing abortions. In 1988, his case R. v Morgentaler went to the Supreme Court, which compared his actions to the newly founded 1982 Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The court shockingly found that the Criminal Code provision on abortion violated a woman’s right to “life, liberty and security of the person” guaranteed under Section 7 of the Charter. This is an odd and historic ruling, setting presented to future abortion abilities in Canada. Women were in the midst of experiencing life, in a free country of Canada, while being safe and secure. Rather the baby inside of her was denied the right to life, future freedoms, and safety in the womb. The law sided secularly for the ending of innocent lives. As a result of this case, millions of babies have been aborted.
The court did not officially rule there was an essential right to abortion under the Charter but systems were changed to allow abortions easier without punishment. Still, abortion was extremely strict needing requests. Due to this, the abortion law was struck down though it technically remains in the Criminal Code. This means anti-abortion rules are considered to be unconstitutional and cant be enforced. No laws have had the power to replace it, and abortion has remained nationally legal since 1988.


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