After interest of the consumers in the financial

After the great recession of the 2008 of the world, “Financial Freedom Act” was passed, due to the protection the interest of the consumers in the financial sectors. But in the 2017 it was proposed that as long as an “off ramp” from the post Dodd Frank decision-making administration and Basel III capital and liquidity standards for bank that preserve elevated levels of assets. Any banking association that create a qualify capital election, but fail to uphold the specified non risk weighted leverage ratio, will lose this authoritarian relief. This permit to the bank, provides the loan to the formers or lower income family, there would be issue in the bank for the securitization that type of loan, because investors would be not interested in it. This law exempt banking organization that have completed a meet the requirements capital election from some federal law, rule, or guideline that restrictions mergers, consolidations, or acquisition of assets or organize, to the degree the boundaries narrate to capital or liquidity principles, or attentiveness of deposit or assets.

Allows the SEC to triple the monetary fines sought in both administrative and civil actions where penalties are tied to the defendant’s illegal profits. So that derivatives traders would be definitely impacted from it, because they worked on the margins of the trading.

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This law again leave the families, service members and seniors at mercy of predatory lenders, as the bank would have more power than they lower income or required people would have loss of their rights.

This proposal states that it is changing the agency to the Consumer Law Enforcement Agency (CLEA), and tasking it with the double mission of customer protection and aggressive markets, with cost benefit analysis of system perform by a newly formed Office of Economic Analysis. But that is exactly opposite of it.


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