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After reading the sociological imagination chapter one: the promise by c. wright mills, there are realizations that came up in my mind about the feeling of being trapped with their lives and what are the causes why men trapped. It also tackles about us, humans that hoping and wanting to be belong in the modern society. I believe that this topic suits those people who only sees their defections or failures in life which causes them to become more focus on their selves instead of going out and seeking for what they could do to become better. For example, a husband that finally decided to quit his job due to the bad treatment of the chief executive towards him but after going home he talk about it with his wife.

His wife got mad at him even knowing what could be possible reasons why his husband resigned. In that problem there is also a possibility that the husband be affected psychologically because of the committed failure.There are some people who choose to be separated from other individuals or from the society because of being more focused on himself, his personal life, emotions, problems, where they live, lifestyles and other personal things that he had forgotten the place or groups he belongs to. It made me realize that there are type of people often fails to see the connection between him, the other and the society that turns into failure to see society as an element in shaping one’s individuality may result to being trapped or focusing on himself only.”no man is an island” by John Donne expresses the idea that human beings do badly when isolated from others and need to be part of a community in order to thrive. After reading it, I realized that there is a one person can give a great impact in our lives and that everyone needs help from someone in order to succeed. I somehow agree with that but of course, there is a need for an individual to spend time with himself alone in order to organize things out and try to discover things himself to know himself better and still he must not ignore the fact that he belongs in a society.

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There exists a positive relationship between society and individuals because individual’s actions can affect the society where he belongs and in return the members of the society can also affect the individual.For me, I understand that when an individual discover what others experience or deal in their daily basis, they become more aware and trapped feeling that they had been experiencing only intensifies. Sociological imagination mainly deals with the interconnection of an individual to the biography, society and history. It is one of the main ideas in dealing with sociological imagination that history which are the past happening and experiences that they have experienced can contribute; biography that serves as a record of different event that are occurring or have occurred in an individual’s life; society that helps shape an individual. Our world is not constant thus it is always changing and never remains the same for long that’s why I cannot blame other people who are more feel trapped because our world has because our world has become more modern that keeps them more pressured.


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