After Americas favorite tv and movie platform Netflix

After the Cold War decolonization and colonization of the Middle Worlds nations, expansion of Western European and American literature, cultural, scholarship, and economically. Edward Said noticed a geographical way of intellectual discourse corresponding to the legacy of colonialism. Said mentions during a YouTube video “Edward Said: On Orientalism,” The West perceives the East as foreigners, terrorists, threats, individuals who need stamped out and placed at a lesser value than that of Western culture.”(ES: OO YouTube Video). Western civilizations began to stereotype against non-Western cultures such as the Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Africa, and other civilizations producing a “pre-conceived perception distorting the actual realities of these people almost labeling these groups of individuals “others or outsiders,” which is known as Orientalism theory. (ES: OO YouTube Video) Perceptions in the media start to conceive the minds of the individuals watching or listening. Western societies in Europe and America have news stations, movies and tv shows depicting Middle Eastern countries like Islam always at war, Muslims are terrorists, angry or some type of threat to society. African cultures looking at as slaves, and poor. African Americans as lazy and uneducated even Hispanics being label as illegals who work any job. None of which is the true identities of any group but show how deception, manipulation, and perception can alter the mass sum of individuals in a region creating and explaining in sense the Orientalism theory Edward Said wanted to prove. Controlling the human mind to believe such imagery and ideology now allows cultures to begin to think of themselves highly and other groups are not compatible creating the “Orient” also known as the other, within the Orientalism theory. Looking at other sources like a Ted Talk interview there are actual Middle Easterners speaking out on the negative ways western societies view them. I quote from Max Jobrani speech “We can’t even walk on an airplane in ask what seat will be the safest, without Americans getting terrified and we now are getting harassed, arrested and kicked off the plane.” (Ted Talk) Or even tv shows on Americas favorite tv and movie platform Netflix “Homeland,” depicting all Arabic as Muslims and living in poverty. Both extremely false facts that we can view in the media that in essence can begin to control our thought process in society. The blatant defamation and slandering of someone’s character without facts would not be something the average western citizen would want to become accustomed to, but when beliefs become increasingly obscured by negativity Orientalism is the theory to describe these actions. 


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