After we’re comfortable. Next we need to speak

After the presentation last week, Ilearned more and more confidence. Today is a new start for a new week. Just asevery day, Ajarn Christos started today with a laugh that filled his life.Today’s first job was Ajarn Christoswho gave us a good overview of how to make a good presentation.

What do we needto do and prepare for the next lecture? First, we need to have confidence.Confidence is very important in presenting. The second thing is that we need toconcentrate, and at the same time we must use our contact eyes. Focus on whatyou need to present, and contact eyes are one of the skills that will help youto reach people’s mind. Third, we need to use body languages. We should not usethem too much will make people distracted, confused and not focus on ourpresentations.

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We need to learn to control ourselves so that we’re comfortable.Next we need to speak loud and clear. When the presentation is sometimes weworry, words will be faster and smaller than normal, so we need to control ourbreath and speech. When making mistakes we should continue with ourpresentations, so don’t be embarrassed because you will forget the article youare presenting. This is a bug that I frequently get and need to fix. The lastthing is we should not read too much PowerPoint.

That will not help you feelcomfortable and will not use contact eyes with anyone during the presentation,and it also show that you didn’t respect teachers and another people. In everystep, we need to modify, change, add or remove a lot of things to be able toaccomplish better. In addition to the sections that will prepare for thepresentation, we also need to prepare ourselves for the right look, such asgood uniforms, seriousness and proper behavior.

There should not be too muchhumor in the presentation because it will make you look like a kid playing withother people and this is not good for all of us because if we do not respectpeople They will not respect us and will not listen to the lecture. If we donot prepare fully and accurately, we will ruin a presentation and get a lowscore.In addition to reviewing the lecturelast week, Christos teaches us more about culture. How is the culture andunderstand it’s importance. First, what is culture. In my opinion, culture isthe crystallization of the national elite, which is the belief, value,tradition passed from generation to generation, year after year.

We shouldcommunicate with so many different cultures because we will know more so thenew culture from which to design products suitable for each culture.Communication with many cultures also helps us to add new friends, learn moreexperiences to develop ourselves. Cultural gestures that I know about, such asshaking hands, laughing, nodding, 45-degree bending, blinking, etc.

Thegestures, gestures, and speech for the person or in any conversation, such asaccurate information, always smiling, or time control, are the basic thingsthat we need to know. Language problems are also important when in each countryshould have different languages, each region is different. Each word has two orthree meanings, such as board (an item) – board  manager ) – boarding a car, or Book with a bookis an object or when you want to book or book a table, Bow is the bow (an item)or bow (verbal communication) , etc. We need to expand our understanding toavoid mistakes that should not be made to others. We also have to respect theculture of each country. When we travel or study abroad, or go to work in acountry other than our own country, we need to capture clear information abouttheir country’s cultural traditions to avoid losing each other’s heart. Failureto respect the cultures of countries around the world is considered impolite andmay be expelled from the country in which you are working, studying ortraveling, and to the culture. The country where you were born, if notrespected, you could be arrested for treason.

Today’s end is a lesson in newcultures, with each one of us needing to protect, preserve and be proud of it.The more we cultivate the old cultures, the better we can develop the tourismindustry in the home country, as people now tend to travel a lot abroad. If thetravel industry of the developed country, friends around the world will findout and explore it. That also helps us connect with more friends and improve mylife skills. 


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