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After getting the brief of our easy, I went to the library to make a research on my favourite designers, to get started I wrote out the names of my favourite designers on a piece of paper and I also used the dowsing rods to pick a name for my research and essay. I decided to do some research on designers who are already in the world of 3D fashion . One of the fashion designers whose work inspires me a lot is Iris van Herpen. She is considered one of the most innovative and consequential designers of our time. She is a Dutch fashion designer who specializes in 3D printing and hand stitching garments to create unique designs that are not possible to be made by the hand alone. She loves using a-typical shapes, and materials that represent scientific concepts.Apparatus.

… Dowsing Rods and Different names of fashion designers where written on a piece of paper Names of fashion designers i wrote out Method – used for picking a fashion designer’s name for this project are as follows I wrote out some of my best fashion designer names on a piece of paper and Place it on a table. I start by holding the dowsing rods straight in my hands, at an arm’s length from my body.

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I also make sure the rod ends are not tipped upward or downward. I kept the rods 9 inches (22.9 cm) from each other. And allowed the rods to direct me to the fashion designer name I needed to research for my project. During this process I held the rods steady and straight in my hands and let them direct me. I also tried not to resist any pulls I felt on the rods. I walked in the direction the rods seem to be leading me to. Eventually, the rods seem to point to Iris Van Herpen’s name I used for my project research as the rods crossed over each other.

The career of Iris van Herpen is a classic success story. This shows that “we have to focus on our dreams, even if they go beyond common sense. According to my findings, she was born 5 June 1984, she is form Dutch Land. During my research it was recorded that She attend ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Arnhem and did her work experience with some of the biggest fashion house in the industries e.

g.; Alexander McQueen and Claudy Jongstra in Amsterdam after which she lunched her collections.Using inspiration from science and nature, Iris van Herpen created a collection in 2015 called, “Magnetic Motion”, which focused on translucent dresses to resemble a force field. These dresses were made using laser cut acrylic mesh. Her work is featured in museums, such as the famous Metropolitan Museum, and has toured the art world as more of sculptures than women’s wear.

Van Herpen has also designed for celebrities such as Lady Gaga, and Bjork. Her collection is symbol for glamour, beauty and style.Van Herpen gathers a lot of inspiration from water, and does not often design away from it. She plays with her designs by draping material onto mannequins instead of drawing in 2D. She says drawing her ideas does not work for her. For her newest collection, Iris van Herpen is basing her design ideas off of her favourite element, water.

Besides the fact that she is an artistic fashion genius, I chose to research Iris van Herpen because she is someone with whom I mentally relate to. Iris van Herpen is an artistic genius, I like her because her mentality, interests, and attitude remind me of myself, which is feels like a beacon of hope and inspiration. I could only dream to ever design something as imaginative and interesting as she has. Van Herpen is a true inspiration as an up and coming designer, and it was incredibly helpful to read about her design processes, and to get a peek into her life. She is known as one of the most talented in the fashion industry. Her work is outstanding and she is forward thinking with her designs, as she continues to push the fashion boundaries with her sophisticated 3D designs. Since lunching out her label she is constantly inventing new forms and methods of sartorial expression as she experiments adds the most traditional and the radical materials and garment construction methods into her fabulous designs. .

After starting her label in 2007, she did all the work on her first few collections. Now, a staff of 23 helps out, as do the factories in Italy, Romania and Portugal that produce the ready-to-wear lines sold in 10 stores around the world. Interestingly, Ms. van Herpen’s creations can be found in nearly as many museums — eight, and counting.

She mixed a very serious approach to learning her craft with eccentric ideas van Herpen winning the prestigious Andam Prize . One of the judges, Nadja Swarovski, said: “We have been following Iris van Herpen’s unique vision for some time; her conceptual design approach and incredible skill to fuse technology with fashion translates into every piece she creates. • Van Herpen is known for her futuristic creations made out of non-traditional materials such as fibreglass and 3D printing! Still, each piece looked extremely light and moveable and fluid, not pieced together. Each one of her collections has a complex theme such as “Cabriole,” “Voltage,” and “Bio piracy,” that conjures up even more imagination and self-reflection.

I love her Artistic Ability. Her ability to use her imagination to conjure original outfits and her patterns are next to none. Her designs are full of feelings and she has a good eye for colour, texture and shape and this make her stand out from the crowdLastly, her love for science, nature and dance has made her an authority on the best design and creativity.

Following her own inspiration, iris van Harpen continues to inspire as well as living her dream.


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