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After fine-tuning our current prototype, ideally all the positive consequences would outweigh the negative consequences. While it is said that “ultimately, it is up to the consumer to decide whether a wearable device is something from which they would benefit. With the increase in wearable popularity, it is important to weigh the pros and cons before commiting to one,” (NPI Insider) our technology proves that there are many pros to wearable technology. Positive consequences include, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome prevention- the #1 reported medical problem accounting for 50% of all work-related injuries. The Carpal Band also stores data across many platforms and constantly alerts the user if too much pressure is being applied on the median nerve.

The CarpalBand unlike other existing solutions to this problem is also completely hands free and portable with a modern-band type finish. This gives users more confidence when wearing our technology in the workplace and therefore appeals to many more customers. In terms of the upsides of this device, it would have a great impact on society and would surely aim to reduce the number of yearly cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Potential negative consequences our product could have on society and its user are negligible, though still need to be discussed.

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One of our key concerns, would be the accuracy of the data produced by the device. In the instance that an unknown user is wearing the device, the data could be accidentally added to the users own data. We would potentially solve this problem in the future by adding fingerprint recognition software to our later products. Also another concern of ours would be if the user is wearing the band too loosely, or too tight, which would lead to varied data as well. Given these undesirable conditions, the band could possible track too much or too less pressure being put on the median nerve which would lead to false alarms.

Another slight concern, would be the battery life of our product. With the years to come we would surely be able to get long-lasting batteries for our device, though as of for now if the battery life runs short the purpose of the device would not be executed fully. In terms of our future technology, we are planning on applying the data that we collect in our CarpalBand to take Carpal Tunnel Surgery to the next level (as explained in the future technology section). In doing so, possible problems we may encounter include: if the proposed “implant” is placed incorrectly on the median nerve, or if it ends up blocking an artery in the process.Though there are minor downsides to this product, with future advancements and funding we would be able to overcome them to produce a higher quality iteration of our current design.


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