After them happy for no reason. But another

After completing my participant observation of the panhandler, I notice that every
panhandler have their own purpose for panhandling. They panhandle to get money. Some of
the panhandlers collect money for the seek of drugs like(Alcohol, cigarettes or weed etc). That
drugs give them satisfaction which made them happy for no reason. But another side, there are
some panhandler who are really seems needy. They just panhandling because of their needs.
Some of them really don’t have enough money to fulfill their needs so they collect money from
people around them. They collect money because they have not enough money to pay their rent
or for their food etc. There are so many panhandler in our society which is also a part of it. We
can see a lot of panhandler in front of restaurants, stores or near the subway, in the train etc.
They panhandling in those places because there are a lot of people going for job or for some
other purpose. A lot of people use subway in their daily routine for going college, school, or job.
That’s why panhandler chose that locations so they can interact more people and get money
from them.
According to my observation, I observed a panhandler who is always sitting in front of
store and near the subway. He is a white man and he looks 60 to 65 years old man. He always
wear a ragged jeans with a lot of layer of shirts. He also wear a hoodies which is mucky. He
wear a pair of shoes which is torn and muddy. I always observed him whenever I go for college
or going in store to buy something. I saw him daily because y house is nearby the subway. He
always sit on stool in front of store and have a glass in his hand. He use that glass to collect
money. He always have some coins in his glass. He shake his glass of coins to interact people
toward him. When people pass by him he always greeting them with nice words like “Good
Morning”, “Have a nice day” and sometime he said, “Help me please”. He don’t have any flyer
sign for panhandling. He always smile and ask for money from people. If some people avoid him

he never abused them, sometime he get angry but he remain silent. He looks needy to me and
have nice attitude with pedestrians. He looks very needy that’s why a lot of people help him and
give him some change. During my observation, I notice that one day he was not on his spot for
panhandling but than the very day he was there on the same place and I notice that he got
injured and he look very sick. He look homeless as well. Whenever I pass by him, I feel a stinky
smell because he have a lot of layer of clothes. Sometime, people gave him food instead of
money. He happily get that food from people because he might be hungry. After all of this
observation, now I am able to see the similarities between the article “Intimate Apartheid” and
participant observation which is done by me.
In the article “Intimate Apartheid” has described two kinds of panhandlers which is
belong to two different cultures. After reading this article, I become to know that white
panhandlers doesn’t interact people a lot. They just seems needy that’s why people help them
out and gave them money. Mostly white panhandler have a flyer sign in which has written such
words as “God bless you”, “Help me please”. White panhandler doesn’t bother people for the
seek of money. The second kind of panhandlers is African Americans who doesn’t have a
specific spot for panhandling. They just panhandling in the streets or on roads. They speak loud
to interact people. They don’t hold flyer sign with them. My observation is much similar with the
characteristics of white panhandler. Everyone behavior is different because of their culture. The
white panhandler whom I observed have the some sort of similar earning style which is describe
in the article. That white man doesn’t hold flyer sign but article describe that white panhandlers
always hold flyer sign. I also believe that culture has played very important role in peoples
behavior. Everyone has their own culture which they has learn. People have different thoughts,
attitude and behavior. Culture has great impact on their behavior. African American and white
panhandlers have different style of panhandling because of different culture. They react totally

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different on situations to each other. They have different body posture. These characteristics are
also related to my participant observation. I observe the reason behind the white man’s
panhandling method. He have a specific panhandling method because of cultural behavior and
social interaction. As he is white man that’s why he has his own beliefs and different attitude.
Panhandlers like a white man who look needy because of his appearance and have not enough
money to buy food. These kind of panhandlers get more attention of people as compared to
African American panhandlers. People always judge other by their looks. They doesn’t think
about their problems.
After my participant observation, I felt like I want to know about his real situation. Which thing
made him panhandler. What is his needs which he cant fulfill and he become panhandler. I also
have one thing in my mind which made me think a lot. When he get injured and he was not able
to panhandling then why he again come to his spot for panhandling. One day I was going to
store for buying something. I saw that white panhandler. He was sitting there alone at night. No
one is around him and he was sad and maybe crying because I can see his face clearly. I again
start observing him that where he will go? I observed him for 20mins at night and become to
know that he is also a homeless man. But I think I still could not find his real situation for
panhandling. I done my observation which is thin description. That observation doesn’t gave me
too many information because I cant approach the panhandler. I personally think participant
observation is a great observation to know about peoples real behavior. Because if people
become to know that they are under observation so they might can be change their behavior
and pretend a fake behavior.


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