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After analyzing the literature, we can infer that on average individuals visit McDonald’s restaurants 1-2 times per month, and even less often. For the most part, individuals visit McDonald’s because of lack of time, or with children. In a request for more individuals to visit McDonald’s restaurant all the more often, the company ought to go into the menus light food options. There are two kinds of lettuce on the McDonald’s menu, and yet these salads are the most expensive products on the menu. Along these lines, it can decrease the prices of existing salads, yet the most rational will be to introduce into the menu new sorts of salads. Every now and again, there are also cases when youthful children ask their parents to bring them to McDonald’s. In any case, parents who care about the health of their children decline to lead them there. To avoid this situation, it can also enter organic products on the menu. Children will be more interested in eating these organic products, as they are from McDonald’s, and parents will be at the same time calm for their children, subsequently avoiding conflict and at the same time increasing the attendance of the restaurant with these target audiences.
Also, many individuals are kept from visiting McDonald’s all the more often by long lines, which we see when we enter the restaurant. In general, long lines can be the consequence of several reasons: a little number of cash registers, a small amount of service equipment, a lack of experience among specialists or many, especially on holidays and ends of the week. As for the initial two reasons, the way out is clear – it has to increase the volume established capital, yet in this case, it is essential to think about the available area of the kitchen and counter, as the equipment ought not to hinder the rapid movement of laborers. The high turnover of staff can explain the lack of experience: new representatives who land a position and are trained in various positions (cashier’s, kitchen, McDrive, and so forth.) don’t initially have work experience. Moreover, the fact that such training takes place week after week is essential. For what reason is there a high staff turnover in McDonald’s? The technological procedure is isolated into many operations, each of which is assigned to a particular representative. A specific operation must be performed in a brief period. Most specialists find to take a shot at the assembly line boring and disgusting. Also, when in doubt, understudies work at McDonald’s. When they finish their investigations, they quit with an end goal to work in higher-paying employment. It is also realized that McDonald’s wages are low. From here there is high staff turnover. It can be averted just by raising wages, in this manner convincing the laborers that their work is valued, or often changing representatives in positions in a request to expand their monotonous work. As for the broad stream of visitors during peak hours, the experience of the manager who sets up the calendar for staffing the move is essential. It is necessary to withdraw at such peak times a more significant number of specialists per move.
High prices are also an essential issue for McDonald’s. Well established the fact that prices in restaurants McDonald’s can rise several times a year. In a request to scare away this fact to visitors to a lesser degree, it is possible to hold actions like “sandwich + potatoes = drink as a blessing” or “five hamburgers at the cost of four.”
Many individuals are also not satisfied with the culture of communication in the restaurant. The reason may be, similarly as it was said above, a lack of experience of specialists, or personal factors. A visitor, coming to a restaurant, hopes to be treated like a visitor. In a request to live up to his desires, it is necessary to hold conversations with specialists on the culture of service periodically. It is also possible in various ways to interest the representative to serve the visitor as most ideal as they can. These are such strategies as, for example, competitions for more thanks in the book of complaints and recommendations. It is also possible to allow representatives to keep a tip for themselves (it is realized that according to the company’s policy it is illegal for workers to take tips from visitors, yet in the case of a visitor’s perseverance in this, all the money left should be handed over to the cashier).
Be that as it may, what attracts individuals to McDonald’s is the cleanliness of the hall and the surrounding area, and this is the way to the company’s prosperity. Indeed, even at the surge hour, the people from the crew have time to clean the floor and clean up after the uncultured visitors who did not evacuate the trays. On the off chance that we see that it is grimy someplace, then we can report it to the manager, who is necessarily present on the spot. The cleaning person will be extremely reprimanded.


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