After therefore monitor post purchase satisfaction, post purchase

After a purchase a customer might experience dissonance that stems from noticing certain disquieting features or hearing favourable things about other brands and will be alert to information that supports his/her decision. Marketing communication should supply beliefs and evaluations that reinforce the customer’s choice and help him feel good about the brand. Marketers must therefore monitor post purchase satisfaction, post purchase actions, and post purchase product use.

Satisfaction is a function of the closeness between expectations and the product’s perceived performance. If performance falls short of expectations, the customer is dissatisfied; if it meets expectations, the customer is satisfied; if it exceeds expectations, the consumer is delighted. These feelings make a difference in whether the customer buys the again. If the customer is satisfied, he is more likely to purchase the product again and say good things about the brand to others on the other hand, disappointed consumers may abandon or return the product, decide to stop buying the product and even warn their friends.

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