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Africa comes a very diverse continent with many histories and many events that happened which have influences in other continents. It is key to understand the different states in the continent. To understand the continent diversity and history, and also to understand what we trying to learn currently about Africa today. According to Olokushi “I would suggest that there is, indeed, a case for African Studies in Africa, in part because of the need to retrieve and carefully document the history of the continent for the benefit of the present and succeeding generations of Africans (Olokoshi,2006:539). Learning the history allow us to know about our diversity more, which would allow us to bring all those histories together and form more of multicultural study on Africa. This widens the knowledge for Africa because we know a lot more about each other, as a continent, and not as particular states. This should be one of the way to be studying Africa. Also because the continent and its constituent units are characterised by an extensive, multi-faceted diversity that provides ample room for the building of intra- and cross-national knowledge of one another by African (Olokoshi,2006:539)”. Understanding our history is the foundation of how we should study Africa.
Secondly what is important in studying Africa is to try decolonize the study of Africa. Making sure we have more African theorist writing about Africa. Who are based in the continent and studied in the continent. Ensuring that the theories brought forward are those of Africans within the African space and in African institutions. It would not help African studies to have western theorist. Who are based in the west writing about Africa and their theories handed down to us Africans. Uplifting universities in Africa and ensuring that they equipped with facilities and resources to encourage African research to be done in the continent will lay great foundation in the study of Africa. Olokushi states, part of the process of doing this will inevitably involve an investment in the revival and strengthening of the university in Africa as a foremost centre of research that is primarily focused on the task of generating knowledge (Olokushi,2006:542). So it key for the universities to be open there spaces to students to allow students or academics the chance in Africa to widen the knowledge of Africa for themselves and the people of the continent and outside the continent. There is really need of encouragement from the university spaces to get students to study Africa. Giving these opportunities to African students means Africans studies are being formed correctly and the studying or learning for the subject can be quiet authentic to the African context. Mbembe states, The doors of higher learning should be widely opened. For this to happen, South Africa must invest in its universities. For the time being, it spends 0.6% of its Gross Domestic Product on higher education (Mbembe,2016:30). Mbembe highlights again the importance of African universities and how investment is key in theses spaces to really study African study in its best form.
What is also key in how we should study Africa. Is by giving more opportunities to African intellectuals partake in African studies, wither it be based on science, economics and arts. The African experts in those fields should be given the chance to contribute to the study of Africa. Instead of relying on western societies to write about African or western experts. Getting uniquely African theorist writing more about Africa makes the study authentic to the Continent, According to Melber, “It was no longer considered tenable that African Studies could be carried out and strengthened without the full and (at the very least) equal participation of African scholars (Melber,2005:369).
Lastly it is important that it’s just not African scholars or academics. Who play a role in the studying of African studies but Africans have to contribute to the understanding of Africa even more now than ever before. Due to Africa’s history is important that Africa is not studies as a static object, but Africans need to play a key role in how the continent is seen and studied. (Melber,2005:369).


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