Affiliate exclusive contracts. “Affiliate Programs are a flexible

Affiliate programs are a simple and easy way way to make your web site profitable.There’s a wide huge range of web affiliate programs now available. You can be certain to find an affiliate program that will fit well with your site or sites,Even if you are not looking to run your website as a commercial enterprise affiliate programs can be a great way of subsidising the costs of webhosting, or promoting your site. Most affilate programs are free to join and do not require exclusive contracts.”Affiliate Programs are a flexible and popular way to generate money from your website”If you are a merchant looking to promote your products and services affiliate programs can be a cost effective way of delivering sales to your business.

You can use a third party to manage your affiliate program or run it inhous using readily available affiliate programe management software.How does affiliate marketing work?Affiliates are often website owners who are prepared to divert their targeted traffic, via banners, buttons or text links, to areas of your site. They would consider doing this on the basis that any sales accruing from that diverted traffic would earn them a commission.Other affiliates, known as Pay Per Click (PPC) affiliates, may be individuals or companies who will invest in keyword campaigns on Overture,, Google or other major search engines. Bidding on terms relevant to your business, their advertisements can drive customer traffic to your site in return for a commission. They take the financial risk on the campaign. You pay them only for results they will already have delivered.

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Affiliate Window has well over 57,000 registered affiliates in the UK. They range from niche content sites, with discreet audiences, to major shopping comparison sites such as PriceRunner and Kelkoo, to loyalty sites such as AirMiles, Nectar and The Mutual.We have direct relationships with all the leading PPC affiliates in the UK.

ffiliate Marketing – Prefer a sale to a click? So do we…

Customer leads, new customer acquisitions and profitable sales are the key building blocks for growth and competitive share in any business.Marketers now have at their disposal an online channel that allows payment directly for these results – affiliate marketing.It is an established and successful means to drive performance.So what are the benefits over other forms of marketing? The key areas to consider are accountability, transparency and control.With affiliate marketing, run properly, you are in the driving seat. You specify whether you are rewarding affiliates for sales, leads or calls, and you define in advance the amount you are prepared to pay for every such result. You pay affiliates only once these results are delivered.Which other marketing channel is this flexible and accountable?Affiliate marketing has become an indispensable growth channel for those ‘in the know’.

E-consultancy estimates that the value of affiliate driven sales in the UK has risen from £300m in 2003 to £1.35bn in 2005.Many of our clients initially approached us wanting online performance marketing demystified. With careful guidance and advice from the network, affiliate marketing has become a key growth driver for them.


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