Advertising print advertising photography is the most

Advertising has been second most old profession in this world and since the time there has been advertising there has been visual imagery.

Although television is the medium which communicate to further reach of audience as compared to print but since its Expensive we come back to print advertising and Print advertising cannot happen without Photography, and Photography is the key element of a Print ad because when we are communicating to a wider reach of audiences across languages and barriers we rely on visual communication. Which happens only and only through photography in advertising. In print advertising photography is the most important element. The visual communication that we are trying to make through an ad explains it to the audiences, how an ad will be perceived? Around the world where ever there is print advertising happening there are photographers who are trying to capture images, trying to communicate what the client wants them to. In Advertising, Photography of a particular ad depends on the requirement of a client. Whether you wants to communicate it in a hoardings, or on a print ad or may be on a web banner. Whenever conceiving an ad with photography it all begins with brief. A brief which will define whether the ad will go in a hording or in a web banner or in print.

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Whenever conceiving an idea for a visual medium all begins with a brief, the brief is sent to an agency where a group of creative team including art director and copy writers think of the idea after the idea has been conceived it is illustrated by an illustrator and sent back to the client. This visual illustration helps the client to understand how an idea will roughly look, once the client approves the idea we send it back to the agency where the agency figures out the photographer who do justice to the idea. ROLE OF ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHY The aim of an advertising photograph goes far beyond conveying an image. In order to be a successful campaign,the advertising photographs must convey real feeling and evoke an emotional response to attract clients.

Photographers who can create such type of emotion in images (both live and lifeless products) are known as advertising photographers. Before shooting an ad campaign,he or she must have a successful track record shooting for client/advertising agencies.Portfolio of previous works is a must to see before selecting a photographer. Working with team members ( like models,make-up artist,production, agency people, client) and ability to lead the shoot is very important. All these effort can make an ad photo shoot successful. Advertising photography continue to play an important role in this new age and images are finding their way into all sorts of unconventional spaces. From traditional banner ads and popups to flyers on the sides of buildings, advertising photography is everywhere..

No matter what the product being sold, companies selling everything from perfume to clothing tocars have used the power of advertising photography to push their product sale .THE ART OF ADVERTISING PHOTOGRAPHYPhotography is the single most important element of most advertising campaigns. Whilecopywriters may spend hours producing an eye-catching headline and copy that explains thebenefits of a product, it’s the image that first attracts the viewer. It’s also the last thing the viewerusually remembers after turning the page.

Advertising images may be used billboards and in magazines, on posters and on flyers. Theymay be straightforward depictions of a product or a model — or they could incorporate complexgraphics and use the very latest post-production techniques to show that the company is on theleading edge.In any of these scenarios, planning is vital.The Strategy SessionOur photographers start with a strategy meeting with the client to develop a brief that is as tightas possible, reducing the risk of surprises when the final photographs are delivered. Thephotographer has to be absolutely clear about the line the company wants to take with theproduct, the kind of image they want it to possess, and the messages they want it to convey. Says Marc Schultz, a Black Star photographer whose clients have included Ikea, L’Oreal, Bang; Olufsen and Canon Cameras:If clients can supply me with some visual guidance on what it is they would like to achievephotographically, it makes a huge difference to me.

I found that often you can sit with a client fora long time discussing what they would like a photograph to look like or portray, but you cannever have as clear of an understanding as when they show you visually what their objectivesare.That’s particularly important when working with smaller ad agencies and clients. While largeragencies may choose to send an art director to oversee and direct the photographer’s work, that’soften not the case for clients on limited budgets. Many rely on the photographer’s skills andcreativity to capture the right picture within the parameters laid out in the strategy meeting.Marc, for example, has found that clients often look to him to refine their basic concepts and themessages they want their images to contain. They give him creative control, and he is then ableto take advantage of any unexpected opportunities that may turn up during the shoot.

Says Marc:Often with the creative process, you start with one basic idea and it ends up developing intosomething completely different by the time all is said and done.Managing Logistics However the client wants the shoot managed, once the strategy has been developed, the logistical issues will need to be addressed. And this is often where the biggest challenges lie. Props must be found, procured and moved to the shoot. Locations must be chosen and


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