Adolf over the span of several decades.

Adolf Hitler and The Holocaust Responsibility for the holocaust is a depicted topic of an ongoing dispute that has been discussed over thespan of several decades. On January 30th, 1933, Adolf Hitler took the position of dictator in Germany. This marked the commencement of a twelve year massacre of non-Germans, communists, and most evidently Jewish people. By the time World War II came to an end, nearly twelve million people had been obliterated. It had been Hitler’s idea of a “final solution” to demoralize and isolate those of a non-German race. It was Hitler’s belief that these innocent people were parasites and aliens to society. As soon as Hitler had successfully risen to power he took all actions necessary to gain world recognition, take revenge for World War I, and please his people.

He successfully convinced them that Germany would regain all of its lost glory, and with that Hitler began prepping for the treacherous tasks of world domination and the complete destruction of the populations that in his eyes were seen as unfit. Adolf Hitler was able to sustain power and pervade fear across the nation with his violence and brutality. The world by no means understands the accurate account of the tragedy brought by the holocaust, but it has been left to recognize the identity of the man responsible, Adolf Hitler. Hitler came to power because of the propaganda he spread. “He knew that politicians’ abilities to persuade masses of people to a cause depended on public speaking skills. He developed his speechwriting and oratory talents throughout the 1920s.

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By the early 1930s, Hitler had become an accomplished public speaker, rallying the German people to his ideology of anti-Semitism, or hatred of Jews , and the glorification of Germany through conquest”(Gale Student Resources). Hitler came to power during a troubled time for the country. He claimed that the German army was betrayed during World War I, and he denounced the Jewish population. Future historians argued that Hitler was planning to eliminate Europe’s Jews under the cover of a global war of conquest, months preceding the war’s beginning(Gale Student Resources). At the end of World War I, a Communist group attempted to carry out a revolution in the German state of Bavaria.

Some of the leaders of that failed attempt were Jews. As a result, Hitler regarded the Jewish population as dangerous enemies of Germany. On the basis of his anti-Semitic views, the Nazi leader attacked the role Jews played in German society, especially in the intellectual world and in politics. He referred to them as a plague and a cancer. “Jews were increasingly portrayed as an outsider race that had infiltrated the ‘pure’ European population”(Student Resources in Context). They had been portrayed this way because of the beliefs that Adolf Hitler convinced his people to follow. Nazis began making adjustments to the Jew’s everyday routines. Jewish people were not allowed to go to theaters, vacation resorts, the cinema, public schools, or walk in certain areas of the German cities.

Their properties and stores were seized. The destruction of synagogues, the vandalization of homes, and the execution of Jewish individuals began under protest from Nazis. Concentration camps for the undesirable people were being put into play.Germany’s Jewish community began seeking safe places to which they could emigrate in order to save their lives. However, the Western countries began to close their doors to any immigration outside of the German territories.With Hitler’s foreign policy growing more belligerent, the number of Jews coming under Nazi control increased to less manageable proportions(ABC-CLIO). Heinrich Himmler took complete control of the police and the concentration camps throughout Germany in 1934. He helped Adolf Hitler lead the extermination of the Jewish religion.

“Hitler and Himmler made sure that the death camps continued to operate at full capacity, giving camp-bound trains priority even over military transports. Few realized that for Hitler the extermination of the Jews even trumped winning the war”(Student Resources in Context). Although Adolf Hitler often spoke of ‘eliminating’ the Jewish population, it is not clear exactly what he meant. Did Hitler mean to say mass annihilation or merely mass deportation? Hitler may not have had any exact ideas on how the ‘elimination’ of Jews was to take place. Some people don’t believe that Hitler is the overall reason for the occurrence of the Holocaust.”After Germany’s capitulation in 1918 and the subsequent signing of the humiliating Treaty of Versailles in 1919, Hitler was one of a great many Germans left searching for a scapegoat to blame for the defeat”(Student Resources in Context).

This quote gives knowledge that Hitler may have been doing what any other man in authority would have done. He needed somebody to blame for the loss of their country and he used those of Jewish religion as his scapegoat. A scapegoat is a person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others.

Using Jews as a scapegoat empowered the government to take such steps as were necessary to ensure that the current threat to German society was removed. In a mass crackdown, hundreds were detained in the first few days, and tens of thousands in succeeding weeks(ABC-CLIO). This author showed that even though the government may have had good intentions, they still decided that it would be beneficial to actually remove the Jews from their society.

It had been Hitler’s idea, so after all it should be Hitler’s fault that millions of people died in an attempt to refuel the society’s ego. The man responsible for the Holocaust is Adolf Hitler. His name shall forever be remembered for the cruel acts he committed for castigation of the undesirable races. Atrocities had been perpetrated across the global area ranging from widespread racism, religious hatred, and human covetousness.

When Hitler was brought down from his power streak, hundreds of children were left without parents or any family members. Hitler is known to be one of the most powerful leaders in history. However, power does not make a leader fair. Power had been misemployed and abused, and Hitler is an example of how such power and control has been misused. Hitler, in the end, still had seven hundred thousand people that he still had not disposed of when his camps were taken down in 1945.

Although, the amount of innocent citizens he had already predisposed of is barbarous. Adolf Hitler was one of the most destructive leaders to have been seen by the people’s eye, and his actions are still discussed today to be one of the biggest abominations of history.


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